Real reason why I left Uni 1 and Ogame

  • The Real Reason I Left Uni 1 and Ogame

    So as many of you know I left the ASSASSIN alliance several months ago and joined Jeb around the time Robinhood was booted from the alliance. I will admit I rage quit when there was an argument in Skype between myself, ThunderChild and Galactus as I felt like it was a “my way of the highway” scenario and well, I chose the highway.

    Many of you don’t know why Carlos was kicked... it was for buying the Ares account and not telling anyone in the alliance about it. Yes, you heard that right... not telling anyone. It had nothing to do with purchasing the account. But let’s be realistic. Numerous accounts have been purchased over the years by Carlos and other alliance members to give an advantage to the team. Avarice, Vixen, Naraku (old Uni 19 account) and several others... those are just the ones off the top of my head. It never seemed to be a problem with the exception of Carlos just wasn’t good at hiding it and seemed to get caught. I will admit, I stood by Carlos because my thought was well “it’s no worse than anything else going on”.

    The team viewer accusations... 100% true. I myself freely participated in that. Although it’s not used as much as people think it’s is, but it’s definitely used.

    The buying of accounts to benefit the alliance, 100% done.

    The multi use of accounts such as the Legion account being played purely as a duet trader to another alliance member or the Zelda account being played purely as a moonshot provider. Those accounts have someone from ASSASSIN sitting behind them, they aren’t legitimate players. Have I taken advantage of free moonshots from the Zelda account, 100% yes. I’ve lost count of how many moonshots I’ve had from that account.

    The use of slot blockers and farms, which again I gained from just as everyone else did. Some were logged into by alliance members only to keep them alive and even build enough defense on them to make sure you had to rip it, this gave an advantage to the alliance since we could rip hit them once a week, keep them in bandit status and collect 100% off of the account. Even the slot blockers that were inactive/ vmode, someone had to initially log in and move them.

    Why I bring up all these scenarios, is no one in the top tier of playing is squeaky clean. There are some that are just better at not getting caught. So yes, I stood up for Carlos as I didn’t see what he did was any worse than what was already taking place.

    I’m sure this will get a lot of thumbs down, but I have nothing else to lose... Permaban my account, it makes no difference to me, I’m not coming back. And as Pete said, I don’t mean anything without the tag. But in the end, my conscience is clear.

    Bye Folks!

    Btw, Bibas... personal apologies for saying you were Magus and Vice versa. Anyone who I’ve ever had beef with over the years, it’s was all just in fun. Nothing personal over it.

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

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  • When jauger left assx

    He also talked about team viewer and stuff

    So we already know about that

    And i wont comment anything because we already know most of the things you said

    I wish you good luck in real life Clittle

    Cheers and take care ^^

    10/10 For the post

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  • General George   Great King Pat clearly this guy is talking rubbish cause he was kicked of the alliance. How does he dare to claim such atrocities!!!!

    Anyway, thanks already saved this but to be honest i already knew most of it, had no clue about the LEGION account, cool :)

    Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

  • I have to be surprised, but that's already kown things so i didn't.

    Anyway thanks for making sure, they are keep crying that it's all part of their tatics.

    And yeah, it's true. As they don't get bans, it can be considered as tatics.

    Game became too old and old players know how to play this s**t.

    GLiRL clittle, you are the winner in this game.

    It's just a game with numbers XD

  • clittle walking around with a set of fecking balls!

    Some of these things have been known for a while yes, but now they are confirmed it takes all the shine off anything they ever have or ever will do imo. Fair play to you clittle for this, there was one honest person in that alliance at least..

    Georgie mate, just lol

  • so it was ok for you while you were with them?

    and now that u quit u dont like the "strategy"?

    thats pretty much pathetic if u ask me

    edit: GLIRL

    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • clittle , most of it where already known. But thank you very mutch for the confirmation. We appreciate that! Wish you all the best in your RL!

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  • I think he made the post to call out the hypocrisy of kicking RH for doing nothing out of the ordinary for this alliance. I presume the reason was to appease their cheerleaders (Póg, Narky, Ghosty and the boys) which now seems to have backfired as the cheating has been laid bare for all to see :thumbsup:

    On a side note I just want to shout out ARES for his role in all this :fatgreengrin:

  • i get that is what it is

    but if your friends/alliance start doing something wrong..ditch them..right away

    dont play like that for years..then when you get bored poof u quit

    as much as it points the hypocrisy of RH case

    it points the hypocrisy of clittle too`ll have some more free time now

    use it on something in RL and not on some weird looking numbers on internet browser game

    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • Your right, it was hypocritical of me and a mistake. But the past is the past.

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

    Ex- Gmod... don’t bother me anymore

  • What a lame post. It takes balls to admit you cheated/supoorted cheating. Also what you can live with today might not be the thing you can live with tomorrow.


    Just a shame that none of the mods care enough to take proper action against this, partly due to the game dying and GF with their insane policies.

    Anyhow it is nice to hear an old member admit it publicly, it makes almost all assassin hits redundant and suspicious as to whether they are real hits or arranged bar in a very few.

    Cheating does not achieve anything but prove you do not actually know how to play the game without cheating, would be interesting to see how long they would last without it.

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.:stick:

  • I am really tone deaf... Call me an idiot but for half of these things i thought they were very rare. Especially the teamviewer thing.

    Enjoy your Real Life free of Ogame Clittle and keep in touch with the people you like. It is all what matters IMHO. I sure enjoyed kicking the addiction.

    Edit: I don't think the mods are a problem. Or at least not the main one. I think the P2W nature of the game is the problem. Once the officers came the logic was started and the game went downhill.

  • thanks being being honest mate, and enjoy o-crack free life !!!

    And Assassisns.... (In Gretta voice) ... HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

    Its well known about the cheating ways of Assassins. Finally someone from within the swamp has come out and confessed !!

  • Meanwhile the TV Crew are waiting on their PR team to come up with a statement.

    Choose from the ones below:

    1. Not true. He’s saying this cause we kicked him out and he’s jealous.
    2. Everybody’s doing it, we’re not doing anything illegal.
    3. Yes but do you actually have insider information about these statements?

    4. All our hits are legit, we don’t post the illegal ones.

    5. Bibas/magus bought the clittle account and wrote this statement together. (we haven’t)

    6. Merchant is worse.
    7. No, you!

    I wish clittle would have confirmed two additional things:

    - the fact that the Assassins are/have been protected/favoured by staff

    - each of the top players in the TV Crew has one BTMI account (multi). - this one came from Bibas btw

  • I tried to be open and honest about what I knew but didn’t add anything that I wasn’t sure about. In regards to staff, I haven’t ever got that vibe. And in regards to the multis In BTMI, I’m unsure. So I can’t confirm nor deny

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

    Ex- Gmod... don’t bother me anymore