Epic items: +20 planet field and 90 days boosters

  • Dear community,

    yesterday, 18th of March we implemented some new items in the shop.

    • Bronze 30d days booster 9.000 DM
    • Silver 30 days booster 28.000 DM
    • Gold 30 days booster 75.000 DM
    • Platinum 30 days booster 110.000 DM
    • Bronce 90 days booster 25.000 DM
    • Silver 90 days booster 80.000 DM
    • Gold 90 days booster 200.000 DM
    • Platinum 90 days booster 300.000 DM

    The new items are not going to be available in expeditions, import/export and auctioneer for the moment.

    They are not available in the marketplace for the moment neither, although this might change in the future.

    The epic items currently have the same images as the golden items, this will be changed with the next update.

    Your OGame Team.