Hello all... :)

  • Hello all... :)


    I hope that this post will find you in good health, and that you all are well and safe in these hard times for us all.
    Ar first, I would like to say good evening, good afternoon or good morning wherever you are on the planet. :thumbsup:

    My name is Milan, I'm 29 years old fellow, with previous experience in this wonderful game. Unfortunately due to many obligations, job(s), faculty, etc I had distance my self from the OGame Universe, and it has been almost a decade or so that I haven't participated here. :doofylook: And you can't even imagine my personal joy when I opened up the site, and saw that new server launched today, and so I said why not. :gamer:

    About me: Republic of Serbia, lawyer by profession, experienced in the civil-organization sector, big fan of boxing, manga/anime and nature lover. :thinking:

    So to all of you, happy haunting, good and prosperous battles, and the most important good luck and good health. Take care. :biggrin:


    Spirits come to the Hall of Judgement all the time, and they cannot let go of their lies. They deny their faults, their true feelings, their mistakes... right up until Ammit devours their souls for eternity. It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.