Dark Matter - How to Best use it ?

  • I see alot of my companions in the Universe are using Dark mater for great usage.

    In this case Im asking - What is the best way to use Dark Matter in reciveing Rank 1 :thumbsup::love:

    - Tips and Help is advided from all kind

    Feel free to tell us your best strategy for it in a new Universe as an example ! :)

  • Better don't give them money, you can grow good with just being more online and attacking around.

    geolog+ mine boosters they great on big mines but boosters too expensive and not worth paying money for it, cheapest boster of 10 % what was only worth to pay(not high price) they remove from the shop thinking that people will then buy more expensive one , such things say all about them

  • Don't use it early on, don't buy resource boosters in any case unless you really want to, but in early game that's extremely inefficient. By the time you get enough production for boosters to matter, you will most likely have full inventory of resource boosters anyway.

    DM comes in handy when it hits the cap (108k DM), so after a certain research duration the halve/complete price will not increase anymore. This means that for 216k DM you can finish any two astro levels you want and this is what most players do to avoid having to wait for weeks/months.

    If you want to instantly build fleet, I'd get at least one planet with larger nanite levels so you can save some DM on completing it.

    I regularly use Commander and Admiral, Admiral giving you an additional expo slot and commander allowing you to set up easy expo fleets and building new planets faster. This is 15k/week (I don't go further because I'm never sure if I'm still gonna play in 3 months or not) and can easily be farmed from expos alone.

    Do not use DM to get raw resources, it's extremely inefficient.

  • Depends on how much DM you're looking to spend, if it's unlimited then buy resources, get officers, insta everything, etc...

    If it's limited, then i'd say just insta research with DM since they take ages to finish.

  • Most potent way to use dm and most powerfull and gamebreaking in sort is saving for relocate. Can earn you billions when chasing a target or save you your life :)

    :saint:the brighter the light, the darker the shadow:evil:

  • As others have said, it really depends. I'll offer my opinion for when starting in a new uni

    1. Use DM to hire Geologist

    2. Use DM to half the time and Complete Mines and Astro

    3. If you're not in an Alliance, or want to have to request Moons shots, you could always use M.O.O.N.S to help you get a Moon

    4. Relocating your Planets how you need them to

    Many ways you could use the DM, but those to me would be most beneficial.

  • Early game geologist is useless for the same reason collector is, percentage of small production isn't even comparable to what you can farm from inactives etc.

    Leveling nanites and robots ensures that mines don't build for too long so unless you're in a rush to spend res which you most likely won't be I'd say there's no need to DM insta them.

    I think no one used M.O.O.N.S in the last two years lol, especially considering almost all new unis require less LFs to get a moon, paying a lot of DM for 1667 LFs to attack you and getting zero debris field is a pretty bad deal, especially in early game where they can do a lot of damage and people want to be the first ones to have a moon.

    Relo is great but yeah, unless you buy DM you won't have DM to do many in your career :)