Join the Balkan Invisible

  • Hello all. Me and my friends are making a very unique alliance. For now, all you need to know is, if you are a new player in server Octans or you are ranked 1300+ , contact me in game, and as soon as you do, I will make a transport mission to your home planet, delivering 7000 metal, 3000 crystal and 1000 deuterium. I do not ask anything in return, just one important thing, we are searching for funny and interesting guys and gals so we can chat and have fun on our chat channel. You will have a better status in alliance if you are able to speak our language. Also, one last thing, we just want to make you to have fun while playing and, when you join us, you do not have to stay if you do not like it. :thumbsup::check:

    IGN - HoneyColector

    Server - EN Octans

    Cords - 2:401-12

    A lot of players fight to win... Unlike a lot, players from balkan fight for fun :)