(Question) How does discoverer work?

  • Are the ins and outs of the discoverer class already revealed?

    I have read somewhere that they are very OP. is this is still true?

    I am an old player (Last time I played this game there where no speed universa)

    Is there anything else I should know about the game atm? all tips are very welcome.

  • Everybody is a bot or multi and to be in with a chance you have to choose the Discoverer class.

  • Yes and no.

    There are quite a few that play like that.

    ...but most still play fairly.

    I would still recommend starting in the Discoverer class to boost your start game.

  • Oke, thanks. which ships should I send on expeditions? all of them? or only cargo/weak ships?

    Btw, a few seconds ago I send my fleet to attack someone in my galaxy and a few seconds later that guy jumped into vacation mode.

    Luckily my attack still came through, but is that one of the bots you talk about?

  • The formula is 1 of your strongest ships (reaper or dess)+ LC/SC (better LC to minimize losses)+ 1 path + 1 probe

    The number of LC depends on the points of the top 1 ranked player

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  • Personally, if you are starting out with expeditions I would stick with only large cargos (max of 2300 per expo), 1 pathfinder and 1 of your strongest ship.

    Once you build a strong fleet start introducing light fighters to the mix.

    It's hard to say if that guy was a bot. Probably not at a guess, s/he probably didn't like being attacked haha

    *edit* Hi Wild

  • That's what I've said above lol

    Hi mate! Hope you doing fine in the new uni :D

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  • Must have posted at the same time haha

    I quit Norma about 2 weeks after it started lol- I've still got the account sat in vmode with only research points

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    I got some more questions if you don't mind.

    Why should I add LF to the expedition later on? I think it's to lure more pirates so you get more loots but I am not sure.

    In the mean time, what should I do with all the LF i get from expeditions? use them for raids?

    Tbh I have a hard time finding targets, but maby that's just me. feels like there are very few targets, even in Octan.

  • It's correct

    Pirates seem to like to crash their ships and making you earn resources

    You need Pathfinders to harvest in pos17

    The LF you get from expedition use them for the expedition to find pirates

    If you don't like LF you can crash them on my moon i wouldn't mind

    I find some target, i think many players are not used to playing at a 5x speed

  • Well to help you with this calculator you will know how many ships send to position 16:


    your benefits will increase if the top 1 has more points than 100k - 1m - 5m - 10m - 50m - 100m

    So that's the "easy" and first step you need to know

  • Code
    1. Hello. For the last game 10 years ago and recently quite by accident I decided to return to the game when I saw this with a new server. I made a terrible mistake when i choose general class. I see an incredible imbalance in the classes, especially those with the discoverer class. It's amazing how they spend about 25-30 million resources of expeditions and a large number of ships, while my expeditions have a maximum profit of 2-3 million and very few ships. How to use the strength of my class for battles with such players after they get 10 times more? I won't even mention the other bonuses they have, such as getting bigger planets and resources from a battle with pirates and debris, as well as 75% more resources than inactive ones, etc. Does anyone notice it? If I want to change my class just because I didn't know about this game imbalance, it's up to the developers to calculate it, I have to pay with 500,000 dark matter which is 25 euros real money. Doesn't anyone notice and don't care about it or just everyone started choosing a class of discoverer, and those who haven't played and don't know until they get to expeditions and then realize that they lost their time in a doomed cause and give up from the game!? It's good that you want to make money from people, but at least balance the game, because in the end everyone will end.