A long, long *** time ago

  • Well, this is the end of my interstellar travels. It's been a gas, it's been "a rag and fag." (Probably get a warning for that one too, despite my sexuality) ;p

    I ain't really got last words, just a last ramble, but it is what has been. I've been both delighted and disappointed by so many people, in "real" life, and here on the Oboards. From being perma-banned at least a dozen times over the course of the last fifteen years or so, and restarting in Uni1 four separate times.

    I still remember, walking home from classes with my buddy Hayden, (noneguy911), and him telling me about "Ogame Ogame Ogame," but until I sat down in front of the monitor and booted up the old .org page, I had no ****ing clue what he meant. It was late autumn 2004, and I was on the long path around that hump of a mountain we call life. The chilly corridors of an old Church School, depriving us of our identities, carefully brainwashing us into Christian zealots. I thought it was stupid... Just clicking, and then waiting, and then clicking again... Why? Who would waste their time on this?

    I only logged in, once a day, because my academia was more critical to my folks than my happiness, and so I took roughly 3-months just to exit noob-protection. I got the Sonic Rings smacked out of me because of my lack of availability, but that's the way the game was intended to be played. I learned to turtle, and turtle hard, beefing up defenses with seemingly no coherent strategy or specific composition in mind, I just wanted my res protected and to be left to trading and such. Five or six hard years of turtling and I was still down in the ranks for Points and Fleet, but I came up in Research on my own, desperately vying for Rank 1 instead of Rank 2.

    I met a lass, that made me miserable (yet they all do in a some way), and turned my Ogame account into mince meat. I gave up the first time around because I was working five jobs and sleeping only a few a night, just to make money and pay mine and her bills. I didn't understand what being used was, because that's exactly how I was raised. My folks disowned me because of my "choice" in sexuality, and my choice in creed. I became homeless for a couple months, sleeping under a rusty bus-bench in some suburb, suffering 35 mph winds and 10 Fahrenheit temps. I had the clothes on my back, and a back-pack of stolen groceries from other suburbs, and I survived long enough to find a way back to my feet. I waas rejected from the military (no surprise), but I found that being a Jack of all trades was better than being the master of one. I found many different jobs, and got to try many different things.

    I got to explore the Rocky Mountains on foot, the Badlands, and even made connections with some surprising individuals. A Buddhist monk came into my job one day, to use the facilities, I had questions because I didn't have the opportunity to learn anything about Buddhism. I offered to pay him, but he declined and answered my questions. I saw him sitting out along the roadside, trying to hitch-hike down the way, and I brought a vegan sandwich and water for him as a way of thanks. A couple years later I got around to exploring Buddhism, and found that it was a creed that actually made me a better person than what I had been raised on, but I've seen the opposite to also be quite true.

    Around 2014 I started to develop a growth, but it stabilized, and was determined to be benign. Well, stress can kill a mafk, and in this case, it actually killed me. I'd say 2017 was by far the most stress I'd experienced, and it was at that time that a new growth formed that I didn't notice. My creed prevents me from taking medications and certain treatments, and I'm actually okay with that. I'm not going to lie and say its always painless, but it certainly does hurt from time to time, and it's been more frequent lately. Strange, but getting hit by vehicles, getting electrocuted, shot, stabbed, and blasted by a laser isn't enough to kill me, but stress, oh boy.~

    I did do what I stated my intentions were, I rectified the energy balance on my account's planets, and I even gifted two years of Geologist to the account to bolster those raid profits by 10%. I know Deneb and his ilk don't believe these sorts of things, but that's because they probably don't understand the virtues of selflessness versus selfishness. I'm going to deconstruct the defenses, and then you can let your fleets fly free. As a precaution, I'm deactivating v-mode tomorrow, changing the password to the max length of an impossible to guess configuration, and letting the account run its natural course.

    I'll have last words for certain folks later, but right now I just kinda wanna nap and get the week done and done. Prep your fleets ladies and gents, because the RIPs and cargoes I have sitting about will be primed and ready for profit.

    Perspective realities will always differ, but we can always try to realign our perspective realities with true reality.

  • Best of luck in real life, I quit Ogame and did not regret it.

    Now, I know I am just a middle-aged pauper from the other side of the big pound, but if I read well between the lines, you are at risk of doing something that you may regret. A lot. I am also one of those people who are killed by stress more than anything else and I can tell that stress and pain can impair your judgment to the point of making you a worse person. Don’t let yourself go that far.

    I am glad you found a creed that make sense to you. But you have seen first hand that taking a creed too seriously can lead to terrible results. I do not want to add to your stress but cancer (I said the word) can evolve into things that give a level of pain that is unbearable to the point of being overwhelmed. And think how odious people can sometimes become with something as undramatic as a toothache.

    Would something like that happen, the betterment of yourself you fought for would go through the window. So it is worth to stray away from the letter of your creed to preserve the spirit of it. Some people can face death provided they have the resources. None should face degradation.

    So, seek treatment without shame. At the very least palliative care if things go that far. Be kind to yourself. You mentioned being good to people, you are people.

    In addition, I am sorry for what your parents did to you. Nobody deserves that. I say that because sometimes people who have gone through hardships have weird ideas and start to punish themselves in addition of what other people did to them.

    Even if you had done questionable thing in the past in order to survive, you do not deserve this and the eventual pain to come. And if you find some of your past actions questionable, it means at least you have the moral sense to question them. Plus, circumstances are circumstances.

    So, please, be kind to yourself and seek the most efficient medical relief you can have access to. “natural” remedies won’t cut it. Seek a good and compassionate doc.

  • Sorry for the delay, had to do an intervention for a friend, kinda wish dude's brother didn't get out of prison.

    Defence is scrapped, a collection of res, LF, SC, LC, and RIPs are spread over the nine planets. There's some of those pesky Reapers, I originally planned to just build reapers and sell them to folks that accidentally chose a poorer "class" option, but it ain't matter.

    "No Regrets" is not the desire to live life without regretting your choices, but rather to be willful in accepting the consequences of all your actions, good and bad.

    Perspective realities will always differ, but we can always try to realign our perspective realities with true reality.

  • 74M in under eight hours! :3 To think, I've never really been hit for more than 10M, even when I was fleeting in Uni35.

    Jean-Michel said he didn't want me influencing normal players in Uni1, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up dipping his fingers in this pot. d;

    Yeha, I coulda set up a good-bye hit, but where's the fun in giving all the goodies to just one or a few fellas? Plus, this is something that hasn't actually been done, at least, intentionally.

    Why be normal, when I can just be myself, eh, doc brown ?

    Picked out a track for ya, too, describes that particular pedantic demeanor. From my favourite KMFDM album, "Signs."

    "Bon nuit, c'est le temps a la soire."


    "G'nigh, it's time for sleep."

    My old JDMC DeLorean, because, yeha, stainless steel will always be in style. Classic American Muscle Expo and auto contest. I miss that boy, but man, I that thing sucked down gas.

    No photo description available.

    Perspective realities will always differ, but we can always try to realign our perspective realities with true reality.

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