eco setting changes

  • I've poked our GA and COMA to see if this is possible right now and what process we would have to make.

    I would imagien it woudl be fair to have some sort of poll to make sure a majority of the active players of this Universe would want this change.

    As soon as I can get an answer I'll respond (unless Argus or COMA responds first)


  • I spoke with our COMA Art and he can make some changes.

    To be responsible and fair, we need to make sure the majority of the players want this change.

    Can we hear from the others in Gemini about this?

  • Ok, so to be clear, I will submit to COMA that we want the following settings to be:

    x7 Economy

    x14 Research

    To be fair I will let any one who protests this speak up now. If I do not hear anything in the next 24 hours from anyone then I will assume you, as the majority of active players, will approve this.

    Then I will submit to COMA the wish and see if we can have it changed.

  • COMA will be making a poll that will come through in-game to make sure all get a vote as a matter of fairness.

    It will come later next week

    I appreciate your patience, we just want to make sure this is done properly since it is a big choice and effort to change!

    But we love you guys so we're working on it! :love:

  • COMA decided to skip the poll since this Universe is small and most gave vote here already.

    The request for the change has been made and will be done, but it may take a little time.

    Art will give us an ETA as soon as we have a date

    Thanks for your continued patience!

  • Drum roll please!

    Our COMA Art are has informed me of the following news!

    The requested changes to the Gemini server will be done on 27th May:

    The current Economy Speed is x4 and will be increased to Economy x7.

    The current Fleet Speed is x4, and will remain this way

    The current Research is x4 and will be increased to Research x14.

    I appreciate your patience friends, and hope these changes are pleasing.

    It's a small server but these settings are pretty exciting so tell all your friends who might play other universes or communities about the changes!

  • Haha yesterday I tought about the announcment in the german community about settingchanges on 27th, maybe I should ask if this is ogw or not, but you were faster :D

    Thank you very much for your support getting this done <3