• low on english, but it would really be great to merge uni QUANTUM AND JANICE.:question::love:

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  • I would also love a merge, make it truly a endgame scenario, where theres 5 total huge unis, that would be fun..

    1xspeed 1x eco

    2xspeed 6x eco

    and so forth...

    playing in unis with 20-30 players active is boring zzz....

  • Mergers happen whenever higher ups at GameForge feel the need to shake things up. There are a few reasons why they may think to do this. Obviously, a community with numerous universes becoming stale is the most common reason. There'll be other calculations involved though too.

    Based on mergers in the past & such I wouldn't be surprised to see a merge happen before the close of the year. That's just my 2 cents though we could be waiting another year for one too.

    Personally, I think some universes badly need a merge. It'd be certainly entertaining to witness a few merge permutations (uni1/virgo for example).

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  • im very glad you say that kaldor,because so many now new/old unis have little players to play,and all this unis just have top players making expos and bashing turtle with few actions at all,i think this game before this major updates,patches,markets and bosters was really better :mellow: the action of hunter and all that come with the hunt,so merge would really help low players for farming high eco players from older uni and strong players from hunt himself:thumbsup::love:

  • Uriel seems to have ~doubled its active player base (Though it only started from 15 LOL) once everyone realized expOGame was an insane way to grow not to mention everyone being stuck at home rn . If this is common among the other merged unis, maybe GF will use it as a reason to not have a merge this year?

  • so my question is,is it hard to merge unis and when its going to be one? and when was last one.:confused::love:

    so this is not a thread to say i want merge or smth, as moust of comments are

    i personaly do not konow how hard is it, bus guessing by how manny mistaes and bugs there were last time it is fairly complicated

    if you search the forum there is a thread where a IT data worker explains all the stuff about server merges and all that technical stuff

    for info about merges follow the board, it will be announced in advance

    aditionally look Ogame GF Q and A video and learn stuff about ogame, they say merge will happen but not soon

    for now all their focus is on v.7 and fixing bugs/balancing game and all that

    last merge was about 1year ago if i am not mistaken, few months give or take

    and before they occured around every 3 years

    rummor is going around they are developing a new merge scrypt that will help with merge hapening more often and more with ease, last time they did not use this new scrypt but the old one.

    this is preety much all the info with the facts, all the rest is how players personaly perceve state of unis and do they want merge or no and all that personal stuff

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  • and pointless thread as we can beg and jerk all we wand but the merge is gonna happen when GF says so

    we could call ourselves lucky if they ask us what is our opinion what to merge whit which

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    And I am savage now!

  • ok board patrol,you strike my point :biggrin: you are really mad person,the board is for asking questions and making things get better and better so sorry about that :love: i think anyway that board crew isnt that helpful.:fatgreengrin:

  • Merge is just a copy paste from one database to another, corrected for planet placements since it can happen that there are multiple planets at 1 spot. Which can be done with a sorting algorithm.

    I don't understand how can a company this size allow themselves to have unfixed bugs after so many years.

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