Is this acceptable to any of you?

  • Last night I got banned for "bashing" when I didn't really break the rule. In fact, I made sure specifically not to. because I didn't want to be banned for bashing.

    Because Being banned sucks.

    Roll me back. it's not remotely my fault. I didn't break any rules, you made a mistake, you banned me, and you unbanned me WITHOUT V MODE WHILE I WAS ASLEEP.

    I'm going to raise hell until I get heard, and I'm not waiting around for weeks for a reply. ROLL MY ACCOUNT BACK.

    I sent another ticket and am waiting for a response, but this might get seen here sooner by someone that hopefully takes some pride in doing their job right.

    That's weeks of work on this server gone for no reason.


    Please don't post tickets publicly.

    Noticed. ~Rav3n

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  • it would literally be the first time this has happened since the release of the game, and it wouldnt have been a GO error because it was already impossible to unvmode an account when i was a SGO years ago.