biihtimal way! Tutorial for newbies!

  • Hi everyone!

    Since this has been a good method here in Octans and its working really well for some, i would like to introduce you to biihtimal way!

    You may now be asking yourself "That guy is really good man, i wish i could be like him with his 25k BCs in the first month! What should i do?"

    Let me introduce you to the biihtimal way!

    First step: Create your account.

    EDIT: Buy Dark Matter (alot, a huge amount, huge)

    Second step: Create 18 more accounts and put them all together in a alliance

    EDIT2: Forgot to add the other family he has... Hes a man of family!

    Third step: Get banned and "talk" your way out of it (Yes, you will need to be a huge DM buyer, let me had that step)

    Fourth step: Instead of searching for target probing, wait for the targets to spy your team of multis.

    Fifth step: If you see that those targets don't give enough profit... Baby, just sell your fleet to your multis for Crystal and Deuterium and rebuy it for metal!

    (Lost the printscreens, still, huge, huge transactions!)

    Sixth step: If you in any case (like he did) get caught doing illegal stuff... VMODE immediatly the main multi accounts please. That will help.. for sure, help.


    RIP to those that attacked multis from our greatest top 1 and got ninjed by 500k ships made with the cheating.

    I would like to thank Gameforge for all the effort on ending this (none) and congratulate Gameforge for the good job they did on marketplace ( I know, its a very usual compliment they get.)

    Btw: Got told that im advertising some clothing shop, a very weird one in my post, probably some image bugged this, please, moderator, remove that hyperlink as in my edit it doens't show up <3

    Personal comment: Its disgusting for someone that plays this game for 15 years to watch something like this to happen in front of every and each operator of this game and measures are not being taken. Its disgusting what money made to this game and this company. Don't get me wrong, its a business, but a bussiness doens't need to mock the players that invest less or none that get banned for simply to activate a VPN or for attacking by mistake more then 7 times a guy a day on a speed server. Shame.

    Over and Out.

  • Yep this is beyond a joke now. How much does it take for these guys to get a perm ban? Sub zero is back too now - not sure what he did. But it's ridiculous how these guys are getting unbanned. Sadly the mods will see this and just close it without any proper action being taken I'm sure

  • Before I say what I'm going to say, I just want to say that if you're expecting me to talk about specific players & situations in this next bit, you'll be disappointed.

    However, what I will say is this. As team members, we have a very specific job. To make sure the game is played within the current mechanics & rule-set of the time of being a team member. The rules themselves, as you'll know and we all do, don't get changed much. Especially when compared to the evolution of the game and the evolution of gamestyles and strategies executed in the game. It would be the most obvious thing in the community to point out the lag between the two at times.

    Secondly, although each of us will either agree or disagree on certain rules, etc., our one and only mission is to apply them onto the whole game to make sure the game is being played as intended by those who ultimately "run" the game. Those include people like Legor etc.

    Thirdly, and this is something I find myself repeating too often, what a player sees within the game environment will often lead to conclusions being made by the player base that just don't match up with the reality of the situation. What players, including myself too, at times need to remember is that the game team has access to a larger and different data set to the "data set" (activity timers etc.) that can be viewed by the player community. This means that often times a player will see something as being wrong when an innocent explanation is often the answer which can be seen by the game team. For the obvious GDPR/DPA rules and how they're applied to GameForge's games, as team members we're not allowed to divulge data on other players and explain why something is innocent when it may seem to be something else by a player.

    That doesn't mean to say though that there's never any wrongdoing. Players are banned all the time for falling foul of the rules. You've just got to remember though that the lag I described before exists and we as team members have to be 100% certain something is happening before we can prosecute it with the evidence we've collected as proof.

    The results of all this is at times a very frustrated player base that hates the game team for appearing to be inconsistent, or... depending on who you ask, worse.

    On a personal level, I really do believe a change in the game-rules needs to be made to catch up to the game-mechanics of today. I'd weirdly prefer to play the game as if the rules caught up with the mechanics, rather than the mechanics being pushed into the rules.

    Until any changes like that happen, well..., you've just got to have the faith in that as team members, we're executing judgments on players based on the evidence and the rule-set in-front of us. That's our job.

    Oh and... obviously... keep specific ban discussions to the ticket system. The forums aren't the place for it. I've got a feeling though someone more official will show up and say that though :ninja:

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  • Kaldor thanks for commenting on this - your input here is good and understandable. I think the thing is as players we need to see some kind of action, movement or communication that signals these kind of things are being worked towards. It's incredibly disheartening as players to see a few reoccurring names top the pile of suspected cheaters. Ill be honest with you as well - the lack of conversation and attitude towards this behaviour is actively encouraging players to seek out these things as a means of level playing fields. This is only natural for any game when something like this becomes visible and doesn't show signs of ending. I think opening up the conversation and informing the community better would counteract this in some sense but ultimately I think the lag you mention needs to be resolved

  • Until any changes like that happen, well..., you've just got to have the faith in that as team members, we're executing judgments on players based on the evidence and the rule-set in-front of us. That's our job.

    ... you forgot to say evidence that you don't present to the banned players.


    It is like this, i get banned for lets say scripting and i write a ticket and ask to see a proof of me using script and then you answer me that you don't have to give me any proof, it has been already prooved between the team members and i am guilty and i just have to comply with that. Same like you put a man in front of jury and convict him for a murder he did or did not commit it doesn't mather, and then when the jury asks or the defendant well HEY WHERE IS YOUR PROOF, because i didn't do shit, you just say as a prossecutor, well we got the proof but we can't show it, its like that, you are guilty, go to hell.

    and that is, my friend, more then ridicolous.

    so yeah RULES need to change, definitely, not only for us players but for the both sides, because as much as WE could violate that rules, team members can do it also, even on a larger scale then a player.

    ...who baths his hands in blood... will have to wash them with tears...

  • I stopped at the first 4/5 lines because I have an attention deficit

    btw i am happy that a GO commented, in an unusual situation this wouldn't have happened

    We are all dying of envy that's the point

    Ogame it's a pay to win since the dark matter was added in game, and to make matters worse circumventing the rules doesn't allow for obvious evidence, so just play and refresh every 5 minutes 'cause the 30k bc is waiting for you

    xx kiss

  • Hello Kaldor ,

    Thank you very much for your input in the thread. I really do appreciate that someone inside the team gives his input to the matter as this is going out of control.

    This topic wasn't intended to blame GO's or SGO's for whats happening in the server, im blaming Gameforge for it. I do know that GO's and SGO's try as much as they can to keep the universes clean and fair between their player base, but i have to note that more could be done.

    You are absolutely right when you say that crew has way more information, evaluate the cases more precisely that players do and you are supposed to as your role is to make rules enforced. But when you have a huge player base that can prove the transactions in the market (absurd transactions) between multiple accounts and one account (the guy refered in this post) what should the players think? Its obvious he's cheating with multi accounts. After that, we have 0 enlightment from the team on whats going on and we just see a guy defending top 500/600 accounts that suddenly in the middle of the night loose all the fleet and resources to that same guy.

    In what way this is fair to the players that don't take this methods to scale accounts? In what way is this fair to people that invest too in the game (not those huge amounts) and see that you need way more then buy DM to improve and reach a good ranking? In what way is fair to the rest of the players that we just get constantly attacked with 500.000 ships that are frequently sent with deuterium that comes from multiple accounts? In what way is fair that someone pushes 50/80/100M resources to do DS's and pop your moon?

    What happens next? 7 day game ban and he returns, put some of their known multis on v-mode and keep on doing with other accounts.

    If (and it is) the marketplace makes people cheat "legally" and being a Gameforge motto to make the game as cleanest as possible, why are we still dealing with that issue? Marketplace is a well-known problem for ages and nothing has been done.

    About the topic, im pretty sure it will be closed, im pretty sure i will be warned or even banned for a couple of days. Even so, i had to do this topic under a huge amount of fustration that has been pilling up to see such a blatant cheater get away unhurt in front of everybodys eyes.

    I remember OGame as it was, some years ago... and this is not OGame.

    Once again, thank you for your reply and insights, i do appreciate your and everybodys job on keeping this game running.


  • I would not say better, all these Turks play with cheats. We have already sent several proofs, that the alliance "Deus" is only of multis.

    If we attack the planet and the moon at the same time, we can even trick the programming. Conclusion?? nobody does anything and my friend Joker was broken in a return an attack on a multi of that boss..

    Removed the blind Go's

    Notice for offense language- Andvari300

  • Thread closed you and others should know by now this stuff is not allowed.

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