Version 7 information

  • Version 7.x brings two new features to OGame : The classes and the Marketplace


    While it is well known that from the beginning a player has the opportunity to chose a play style, most suitable and enjoyable to him, the game until now presented the same features to all players, regardless of playing style. Now, with version 7, a player can select a playing class that suits him the most and that is providing specific features, able to enhance the game experience. Version 7 is introducing 3 classes : the Collector, the General and the Discoverer

    While initial class selection is for free, later changes are currently priced on 500k DM..

    The Collector class: This is most suitable for miners, comes with a special ship , the Crawler, that is basically a mining unit able to enhance the production. As a miner, it is important to yield a higher production and be able to transport resources from a planet to another , so using this class you can build larger and faster transporters.

    Note : this Collector class is a symbiosis between former miner and trader playing styles .

    Bonuses for the "Collector"

    • 25% mine production
    • +10% energy production
    • +100% speed for Transporters
    • +25% cargo bay for Transporters
    • +2 offers possible in markeplace
    • Lower Market Fees
    • +50% Crawler bonus
    • Possibility to build the Crawler

    Description of Crawler unit:

    The Crawler is a large trench vehicle that increases the production of mines and synthesizers. Each Crawler increases metal production by 0.02%, crystal production by 0.02% and Deuterium production by 0.02%. As a collector, production also increases. The maximum total bonus depends on the overall level of your mines.

    • Costs & research level:
      • Costs: 2k M, 2k C, 1k D
      • Shipyard: 5
      • Research: Combustion Drive 4, Armour Tech 4, Laser Tech 4

    • Technical data:
      • Structural Integrity: 4.000
      • Shield Strength: 1
      • Attack Strength: 1
      • Speed: 0
      • Cargo capacity: 0 (works in mines to support production)
      • Fuel usage (energy): 50 (permanently required per unit to run it)
      • Production boost per unit 0.02 % per type of resource
    • Rapid fire
    • From
      • Death star: 1250
      • all other: 5

    The formula for the Crawler bonus is as follows:

    (metal mine level + crystal mine level + deuterium extractor level) * y * 0.0002 * x

    y = 8 (server setting that can be changed in the future)

    x = 1.5 (for Collector) otherwise x = 1

    For example: 30 metal level + 30 crystal level + 30 deuterium level = 90 * 8 = 720 crawlers can work maximum.

    The Discoverer class: Many players have a great interest in expeditions. It is true, even making exception of the randomness of results, there is a great advantage for the bold and risk hardened players that are sending their ships to the unknown. This Class is most suitable for players that are a mix of fleeter and miner. Many are saying this is the most favorable class.

    This class allows a player to build the Pathfinder

    Bonuses for the "Discoverer"

    • -25% research time
    • Increased gain on successful expeditions
    • +10% larger planets on colonisation
    • Debris fields created on expeditions will be visible in the Galaxy view.
    • +2 expeditions slots
    • +20% phalanx range
    • 75% loot from inactive players
    • possibility to build "Pathfinder" unit

    Description of Pathfinder unit

    Pathfinders are fast and spacious. They are capable to discover and harvest debris fields created during expeditions. Additionally they can find items out on expeditions. Total yield of an expedition equipped with a Pathfinder is also increased.

    • Costs & research level:
      • Costs: 8k M, 15k C, 8k D
      • Shipyard: 5
      • Research: Hyperspace Drive 2, Shielding Tech 4

    • Technical data:
      • Structural Integrity: 23.000
      • Shield Strength: 100
      • Attack Strength: 200
      • Speed: 12.000
      • Cargo Capacity: 10.000 (on expedition used for debris fields if existing)
      • Fuel usage (Deuterium): 300
    • Rapid fire
      • From
        • Death star: 30
        • Battleship: 5
      • For
        • Probe, Solar Satellite, Crawler: 5
        • Cruiser, Light Fighter: 3
        • Heavy Fighter: 2

    The "General" class: This is the embodiment of the most loved playing style, the Fleeter. No more details needed for this. This class brings higher speed for ships, more efficient usage of fuel ( less consumption of deuterium) and a precious chance for a LF to destroy a RIP ( the most famous Hammil Maneuver ) - I still have to hear it happened in game.

    Bonuses for the "General"

    • 25% faster combat ships
    • 25% faster recycler
    • 25% less deuterium consumption for recycler
    • "1 in a million" chance that 1 light fighter can destroy 1 death star (once per combat, very low chance ... really)
    • +2 Combat Research Levels
    • +2 Fleet Slots
    • Wreckage at attack (transport at starting planet)
    • "Reaper" unit

    Description of "Reaper" unit

    These vessels combine fire power, strong shields, speed and capacity along with the unique ability to mine a portion of the created debris field directly after a battle. However this ability doesn’t apply to combat against pirates or aliens.

    The Reaper can collect debris fields directly following the combat (standard configuration will be 25% of the DF). In ACS the debris field will be split as it currently already works with the loot.

    • Costs & research level:
      • Costs: 85k M, 55k C, 20k D
      • Shipyard: 10
      • Research: Hyperspace Drive 7, Hyperspace Tech 6, Shield Tech 6

    • Technical data:
      • Structural Integrity: 140.000
      • Shield Strength: 700
      • Attack Strength: 2.800
      • Speed: 7.000
      • Cargo Capacity: 10.000 (first used for debris fields after combat, then for loot // attacking & defending reaper can use that feature)
    • Rapid fire


    • Death star: 10
    • Ion cannon: 2


    • Rapidfire against Espionage Probe: 5
    • Rapidfire against Solar Satellite: 5
    • Rapidfire against Crawler: 5
    • Rapidfire against Battleship: 7
    • Rapidfire against Bomber: 4
    • Rapidfire against Destroyer: 3

    2. Marketplace

    On the marketplace players will be able to offer one type of resources, ships & items versus one type of resources. For example:

    • 100 LJ vs. 100k Metal
    • 100k Metal vs. 70k Crystal
    • 1 KRAKEN vs. 10k Deuterium
    • 100 LJ vs. 100k Deuterium
    • ...

    The marketplace will have a base ratio of 2,5 : 1,5 : 1 (Metal : Crystal : Deuterium). This is a server setting and can be changed easily.

    Based on the offers on the marketplace, this ratio will change over time (on a daily basis). Players also have the option to "adjust" the price within a limit around this ratio (for example +/- 50% around the given ratio). Again, this is an adjustable server setting.

    You will have two options to sell / buy something. Option 1 - fixed price. Option 2 - price range. For option 2, the system will check if something within your price range is available and will buy it for you.

    Additional useful info:

    • In general, the marketplace will be blocked for a specific position if a planet / moon is under attack, for the last 10 minutes of the attack.
    • Active offers on the marketplace will block one fleet slot (this block won't block you from going into vacation mode).
    • Trades require a time (flight time between both positions with small cargo on impulse drive 20). The flight time is shown on the marketplace.
      • Own ships or deuterium are not required for this flight.
    • As soon as the fleet arrives, players get an ingame message. Within this message is a "collect" button to receive your stuff.
      • Taking out stuff here is also blocked for the last 10 minutes before an attack hits the position.
      • Message stays for 7d, then disappears and resources / ships / items are automatically added to the account.
    • If you put something on the market, it is taken out of your account but not removed from your ranking.
    • Trades require a tax. Here we can offer different options between "normal" players and commander user (e.g. 15% / 7%). Taking something off the market (or an offer runs out after 3 days) costs a tax as well (e.g. 25%).

    Important Information:.

    - The Marketplace takes out all offers, searches etc automatically after 3 days if they aren't taken. The fee will be deducted as if it was manually cancelled.

    - There is a limit to how many offers/searches you can open. Your free slots are visible under 'Fleet'. You get additional slots with the Collector class or by increasing your computer technology level.

    - Your marketplace messages stay for 7 days. After that, your trades are automatically delivered.

    - The amount of Crawlers shown in your resource setting is the working amount, not the total amount. Your working amount of Crawlers is capped by your total mine levels. Only working Crawlers consume energy and produce.

    - All Class bonuses on speed etc. are on the base values of the ships.

    - You can only have one class! Deactivating or changing it causes the old one to be permanently lost! You will lose the advantages associated to your previous class when you switch it. To change the class you have to pay DM.

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  • Is a bit late but usually each version has its own information thread. So is version3, .... 5, version 6 and now version 7.

    Sure, nothing is new, V7 was launched half a year ago. If you see something that should be changed or added, please post your sugestions here.

  • I suppose you should rebalance the disco class. It looks like a money grab.

    I understand GF needs money to survive, it's a business yes, but please do your best to balance the game,

  • Reaper has RF from the Deathstar of 10... Not 4...

    Although to be fair... It should be about 7 or 8...

    And getting back to this point, it's funny thet GF nerfed the UNLIMITED CRAWLERS feature... But let the UNLIMITED PIRATES/ALIENS run wild?

    Why not leave UNLIMITED CRAWLERS? At the very least we would have 2 classes now, instead of 1.

  • Grimm

    Not saying would not be a good idea to limit the cap of crawlers.

    But the drawback may be higher than the benefit. They can't be moved, this will mean RIPs bash whenever someone get an higher amount of them.

    This way instead to focus on fleet used by those that do expos, or are fleeters, they will focus on collectors.

    It may ruin that "safe class" even more.

    Turning back to the main point, this is of course a wiki, a guide.

    Thank you Valent...waiting to see some useful changes about gameplay balance posted here too.

    Maybe you should put formulas too, when we get a proper one that work as intended.

    My suggestion: Change game! Feel free to follow it or not, your choice.

  • New unions as uni Mensa (do not have a merchant) allow the merchant as an event.

    and a ratio of 2.5x, 1.5x1

    Market is a surplus in the game,.

    Someone gives up and sells their fleet for minimal metal,

    I don't think that's fair.

    Notice given - offtopic, wrong section, not relevant for this thread. Cassandra Vandales