Why don't we just enjoy?

  • Hello Octans,

    I am no one, trying to open a thread where we could have a grown up conversation. I think there is no kids playing this since is such an old fashioned game.

    I want all of us to share opinions about a very serious topic, that is making many people leave the server, the "cheaters".

    The message I want to send with my thread is:

    *Why don't we just enjoy the game?

    Why can't we just look at our own planets and moons. And do our best to gain points and crash fleets and all of the good that ogame has in it?!

    Why do we need to let some "cheaters" ruining our game?

    Waiting on response to see what people think.

    Sergio Marquina [EVIL]

    P.s. please GO don't close the post just because I want to open a hot conversation.

  • This thread can remain but you need to follow some ground rules in replies

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    Let's remain civil

    Let's remain on topic

    Let's not discuss any bans

    I do not want to have to hand out warnings so please


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  • Cheaters are bad but for real the constant harping on and on and ON about cheating on the board is exhausting. Like, I understand you folks are riled and you want to take a stand against cheating, but 95% of everything most people post is about cheating accusations...

    I rarely see people contributing to the drama of the uni, sharing stories, contributing content at all. Just crying about cheating.

    IMO stop crying, start contributing.

    #capellauniversewasdope #cyanerds

  • HARD TO enjoy with this 9-10 guys sharing accounts to push, they do it like if they where 10 year olds. if they start getting banned more people would stay after being hit, but if u get hit by someone we all know is cheating its annoying.

  • Everyone is in a uni where 1 person or another is up to some sinister shennanigans.

    My view is this, if you don't like cheaters, botters (or whatever) then:

    1. Form an Alliance of clean players and go after the cheaters. Hit them, hound them, annoy them mercilessly (within the rules). If you are in an opposing Alliance of clean players, put your differences aside and work together. Once you are successful you can kick the crap out of each other again.

    2. If the cheaters are too large to take on, leave the uni en masse and leave them to it. Not much sport for them in ghost town.

    3. Simply don't respond to the cheater on the forum, we all know they love their 'air time' - just don't give them the due here. They will post and next to nobody will respond.

    4. Give the Mods everything you can on a ticket. We know, the Mods know, who the cheaters are. We also know the Mods are often using bows and arrows against guns, but occasionally an arrow finds an eye.

    Easier said than done, I'm sure.

  • hard to clean them when the cheaters uses so many accounts and he and his fleeting accounts are top 10

  • Have you thought about starting a clean Alliance in your uni? Go ACS ham on the cheaters.

  • ouh well

    acs is good thing u're saying but problem is they grow too fast and too large fleets to kill ... my thing is on kalyke there was some cheaters but very quick they got caught and uni was pretty much going to normal.... but it was not so many as here on octans... i mean really u need deep cleaning here haha

    also have to be extra carefull who u attack or might be some bot of a cheater who is w8ing to catch u on return ... very speedy uni which gives u not much time to react for acs def and ninja them ... i mean cheaters got really big advantage here... until it starts to clean up a bit it's gonna be like this sadly.... problem is real people and clean players are getting hit and they give up nobody is blind here...even without getting hit u're thinking what the heck i'm still doing here when u see how people grow from hour to hour... hahaha

    anyway i just hope admins gonna start catching more people to clean the cheaters before the cheaters clean the uni ... :D

  • If there are not enough clean players in Octans to group together and take on the cheaters, then perhaps the clean players are happy doing their own thing and are not concerned enough to take on the cheaters.