Silence, we will hammer you!

  • Decided to do this post to have some fun.

    I already wrote 2 lines by this time.

    Im sorry, im pushing my limits, wrote 3 lines and im probably about to be warned for breaching the rules of forum.

    Just a quick 4 line to tell you that im probably going to talk about this in OGame discord and i'll be kicked for breaching the rules.

    They will tell me to use the ticket system, but if i report nothing happens, if you pop a moon of a known cheater and get his fleets coming from debris, they will ban him in 30 sec (enough time to acess the board).

    Guys, i'll miss you while im banned.

    Advice for all, silence! If you talk, theres too options.

    Get banned or get warned. I miss Antonio Oliveira Salazar, the guy that punished Portuguese for talking against him! (I don't) but i feel im back at those times. History, yes, History!


    Warned for trolling


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