Bandit Status

  • Can someone please explain the different levels of Bandit & how many -ve hp you need to become these. I just find the whole bandit/non-bandit very confusing. Also why are players ranked far higher than you still unable to provide Hp (They appear in White on the Galaxy View)

  • I agree that the HP system is quite a mess.

    Basically, the Honour points thing is supposed to encourage people to hit those around your rank in military score, regardless of the rest of their score, which is why you can have higher ranked players that aren't considered honourable combat.

    Of the status available in the game there are:

    Green - Newbie protection, can't be spied or launched on

    White - Weaker player (by Military score!!), hitting these players will generate negative HP.

    Yellow - Honourable target - hitting these players will generate positive HP. + 75% loot from attacks

    Red - Strong players - usually visible when Newbie protection is enabled - attacking or probing these players will cause you to lose newbie protection for a week and become an outlaw.

    Purple - Outlaw - Players under the Newbie protection level who have "chosen" to probe, or attack stronger players, I believe attacking them is the same as attacking a weaker player, thus loses HP and the normal 50% loot.

    Bandit - hitting these players will generate positive HP + 100% loot from attacks. there's no real benefit to being a bandit, it's supposed to be something to discourage preying on the weak (and doesn't do that well at all).

    I don't believe there is any difference in the levels of Bandit / Start lords etc apart from the number of + or -ive HP required.

    Alliance members / Buddy List and inactives give no HP either.

    ACS attacks / Defends does make an even more of a mess of the HP thing.

    You can find more indepth detail here:

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  • The whole honor system is dogshit lets be honest, I had top 100 players attack me when I was in the high 700-800 rank and they gain huge honour points compared to me being on the receiving end of the attack, just because I acquired bandit status...

    Yes , it is very honorable having a player that has millions in points that attacks another player that hasn't even reached his first million.. (Sarcasm)

    I think its a fucking stupid system especially in unis that are dead, I get punished and get a bandit status for literally attacking players for profit, because they are to lazy to FS, instead I equally get punished by receiving a bandit lord title, Receiving honor is a chore, finding PROFITABLE targets to hit is already a time consuming task between actually finding those players that are not behind massive defenses and if they are worth the setup and your time attacking, most profit comes from players that have little defense on their planets with big mines, and of course players leaving their fleet idle for the pickings, problem is if you are higher ranking then them, you get bandit points UNLESS if they are bandits themselves, then you get honour points,

    honestly makes no sense and I wish they re-vamped the honour system so that it actually makes sense...

    Im not to really upset, because imo the honor system is a joke that has very very little impact on someone in reality, however attacking a player that has bandit status, can be the difference between making a profit or not...

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