27.05: version 7.3.0

  • Hello,

    The version 7.3.0 will be released on the live servers on Wednesday, 27th of May.
    The update will happen at 10:30 CEST in UK.
    The update willbe applied to the rest of the communities at 13:30 CEST.

    The background code for a new merge system is being implemented. This system will allow us to run both merges and set up an item available to transfer from a server to another, however none of the 2 options will be visible with this version. More information on what are the next steps is coming soon.

    - The feature for recruiting buddies was now deleted. Your recruited buddies will return to being normal buddies.
    - All your buddypoints are automatically converted into Dark Matter during the Update.

    祝 武運昌隆