Octans new rule

  • Regarding the latest events in this universe section, it has been decided to apply a rule that was made for another universe section some time ago, from this point, every post that is meant as blatant cheating accusation, trolling or off topic will result in an immediate close and a warning will be issued for the user, this has been made due to avoid future flaming, trolling or bad behavior on this section.

    Thanks for you understanding


    Using a cheat will never change the fact you're a loser, no matter what the scoreboard says, or what your wallet says ;)

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  • Just to add to this, threads which were previously closed immediately after being created have now been reopened (if I missed any, please let me know). However, we will not hesitate to close them again if the rules aren't followed.

    If you see this, the image broke!
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