eco speed

  • how about an update for this univers Silverwind Argus ?

    we would like 6-7x eco

    i think alot of players would vote this up. player.

    as date of 23/12/2012 hi-score

    univers 17 : 10.913.326 (Plaats 10 van 1.390)

    univers hydra : 456.589 (Plaats 2 van 868)

    now started playing quantum @

  • Reason of bumping this topic is that we're still playing joyfully in this universe with a handful of people, but an increase in server speed would really be appreciated :)

    Silverwind   Argus  
    Is it possible to apply for server stats changes in this universe?

    Right now it's x5 but an increase to x7 would be very welcome :)

  • Sorry to bump this topic but an increase in eco speed is still very welcome.
    At one point we'll be merging with other Finnish servers too of course, so it would be nice to match their eco speed for now.

    Argus Is it possible to open up a server vote for this?

  • I assume as soon as the graveyardscript works ogamewide and push way more accounts per night into it,

    there will be new merges . Maybe at the beginning of 2021? I don't know, but what i could imagine is that gf will probably not change settings

    for servers that will be removed anyway in one or two months. :hmm:

    But that only knows gf, give it a try! Good luck :smile2:

    edit: argus was faster, nice one! :thumbsup: