eco speed

  • how about an update for this univers Silverwind Argus ?

    we would like 6-7x eco

    i think alot of players would vote this up. player.

    as date of 23/12/2012 hi-score

    univers 17 : 10.913.326 (Plaats 10 van 1.390)

    univers hydra : 456.589 (Plaats 2 van 868)

    now started playing quantum @

  • Reason of bumping this topic is that we're still playing joyfully in this universe with a handful of people, but an increase in server speed would really be appreciated :)

    Silverwind   Argus  
    Is it possible to apply for server stats changes in this universe?

    Right now it's x5 but an increase to x7 would be very welcome :)