You people need to calm down

  • Hello Octanians (super lame I know), I have recently joined this universe, and the very first time I check this unis' board section, I sorta get the feeling there's a dictatorship going on, I came here and first thing I saw: this is the SECOND comment in the current top1 ACS, wth is this?! And then I stumble on similar things like this: what is this lol???

    I just came here to remind you, that the board is a VERY important complement to the game and to ask moderators exerting this kind of moderating to please, calm down, have some patience, let people be.

    Certainly I missed out on some past details, but I can guess people insulted each other out of frustration and passion for the game, called each other cheaters... Does that really justify a board dictatorship?

    Once again, please, calm down, whatever is going on, it's more frustrating for some players than for you, please get a grip, don't get drunk on "power", people shouldn't be worrying if they can type something normal without being banned, it's not barbie world.

    And, am I gonna get banned for this thread?

    Take it easy, and let us enjoy the board, it's very important. No one forced you to be b-moderator, don't take it out on the players if you're unhappy with whatever's making you unhappy.

    That's all, good game to all, and have fun!

    Edit: I would also ask the players to please, keep your frustrations to yourselves so this unis' section can get its freedom back, literally, and to avoid ridiculous situations like this in the future, and also, I see comments with a joke being warned, there is nothing wrong with a harmless joke, don't be alergic to jokes. Thank you very much!