Greetings, earthlings...

  • Greetings, earthlings!

    Once upon a time, Lord evilsnake was on the rise. He was rising up in the ranks like no other. He was making members in his Alliance very nervous that he was going to pass them any day.

    Then one day, Lord evilsnake made a n00b mistake. A delicious Turkey popped his moon, then four others joined said Turkey in a Thanksgiving-like feast of Lord evilsnake's fleet and resources.

    Down and beaten, Lord evilsnake didn't give up. He did not go into v-mode like some do. Lord evilsnake persevered and rebuilt. His fleet is different now due to a strategy. The strategy is working currently.

    Lord evilsnake is now rising up the ranks again, fast. Thanksgiving is not for another five and a half months, so previously mentioned Turkey will have to wait for now.

    Lord evilsnake has been PMing earthlings. Some get upset. Some get bewildered. Some get confused. Others just ignore. Not sure why, but that's rude.

    Lord evilsnake just wanted to make a proper introduction of himself. He is friends with some powerful friends.

    Thank you for reading this gibberish,

    Your new Lord,

    -Lord evilsnake

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