Earthlings with virus

  • Greetings, earthlings!

    Lord evilsnake just conducted an exposition. The result:


    Expedition Result

    From: Fleet Command
    Our expedition team came across a strange colony that had been abandoned eons ago. After landing, our crew started to suffer from a high fever caused by an alien virus. It has been learned that this virus wiped out the entire civilization on the planet. Our expedition team is heading home to treat the sickened crew members. Unfortunately we had to abort the mission and we come home empty handed.

    Entry from the communications officers logbook: We found debris of ancient space ships. We are not the first ones here.


    Lord evilsnake is asking if there is a way to quarantine his crew for 14 days. Due to the nature of the virus, Lord evilsnake doesn't want his earthlings to become infected until we find a cure or vaccine. We don't even know yet if this is another COVID-19 virus. It says Alien virus, but we can't be too sure as the crew is still making their way home. Please help Lord evilsnake find a way to quarantine this crew for 14 days.

    Lord evilsnake will invest more resources into his research labs and IRN in order to defeat this invisible enemy for once and for all. Once Octans is rid of this deadly virus, you all can thank one person... Lord evilsnake.

    Thank you for reading and understanding my concerns,

    -Lord evilsnake

  • Lord evilsnake lost his moons and fleets 2-3 weeks ago...and then he cry, scream and beg for help like real small poor noob :D kme kme

    Thank you my loorrrddd :P :P

    "The night is dark and full of Noobs" :check:
    I want to be Peppa !!
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