TOP 10 hits by banned accounts

  • serious question here and not trying to cause any trouble.

    why are hits by accounts that have been banned ingame still being allowed to stay in the top 10? surely they should be removed IF the ingame ban is a permanent one?

    leaving them in the top 10 is still giving those players of questionable ethics the attention they crave.


  • still nothing?!?!?!?!

    not even a "we're looking into it"

    maybe this is why the players of Octans have zero respect for the mods here, coz all you seem to be interested in is closing threads and warning people.


  • Let me put you at ease.

    The reason no one is responding to you is simply because there is nothing to say about it

    Any hits made AFTER a player has been banned will not be able to be posted (unless under certain circumstances).

    But any hits a player made before getting a ban will be uphold since there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't as these were "legit" hits for all intents and purposes.

    Also, as much as we may think we know why a player was banned, we don't, not really. The player could have been banned for insults, this wouldn't mean his hits were not legit so why would they be removed?

    Mods also have other jobs to do. Maybe a swift response to your query is not a top priority? You might still get one, don't get me wrong, but you may have to be a bit more patient

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending anyone here, I'm, just clarifying what the reason(s) might be for you not to get the answer you want to hear

  • Basically this ^.

    Not even us on the mod team know why or how long someone is banned ingame, and being banned does not necessarily invalidate their hit.

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