AkimayaFansClub [AFC] 對 Hope World Peace [HWP] 宣戰

  • 宣戰方: AkimayaFansClub [AFC]

    被宣戰方: Hope World Peace [HWP]


    1. 雙方對於賣油長期溝通破局
    2. HWP盟希望我盟可以快樂玩遊戲, 因此我盟希望藉宣戰與HWP盟切磋

    宣戰日期: 2020/6/10


    1. HWP盟全體人員長U
    2. HWP盟全體人員供油80%予我盟

    宣戰人員: AkimayaFansClub [AFC] 外交官 YoRHa 2E

    宣戰生效時間: (待宣戰批准後由管理員修改)

    宣戰失效時間: (待宣戰批准後由管理員修改)

    Everything that lives is designed to end.

    We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death.

    Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment?

    I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle... And wonder if we'll ever get the chance to kill him.