• As the spokesperson for the LEGION alliance, I hereby declare war on DOOM.

    While there has been a few altercations between us and mainly honorable fights,
    the recent attacks on our founder (Captain Serpentis) was in no shape or form honorable.
    While the catch on his fleet is understandable, we can't tolerate when they send pathfinder
    after pathfinder just to take out his satellites which brought no profit whatsoever to them,
    it was just to be a nuisance. Henceforth, our alliance wages war on DOOM.
    No rules or restrictions, we aim to drive the DOOM alliance out of territory in Galaxy 6.

    Participating members from our side will be as follows:


  • This seems to check out, Remember to post the CR thread and watch for your bashing timers!

    Good luck to all involved

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  • DOOM is happy to see that you finally posted the war declaration. No point arguing about who was right or wrong, our fleets will do the talking.

    Crow and Maddog listed in the table posted by Nakigitsune, are no longer part of DOOM since earlier today.

    Participating members from DOOM are as follows:

    We will be targeting all LGN members, most precisely:

  • I don't care for posts in video games but the erroneous nature of this declaration demands clarification from another sides point of view.

    Since all the noise seems to be coming Legion and despite what fallacies may have been circulated, there are a few things I will point out and correct.

    After extended conversation with Captain Serpentis post attack, my explanation to him that his solar satellites were not the primary target was disregarded. It is unfortunate that Captain Serpentis has decided to stick to the false narrative of satellite skimming, rather than take personal accountability for garrisoning ships on planet overnight. Profits are profits, and while he disagrees with this, profitability is relative to how resources would be used. The objective of the attacks were small fleets consisting of cruisers and civil ships. Each of his planets, neighbouring my planet, contained a small garrison of the ships mentioned. Would one hit be profitable? Yes, but not significantly. However, the intention was to hit all the small fleets and have a significant combined profit. Just like how 1 level of plasma tech is not a significant production increase, stacking 10 levels tells another story. The bottom line is that the hits were all profitable, and screaming "skimming" as loud and as far as you can doesn't change that fact. Satellites were collateral damage and contributed but a small fraction of the overall debris fields.

    As for the notion of honour, this is laughable. No one ever simulated an attack and said "50% chance win? LoOkS gOOd tO mE!". Ogame is a numbers game and whoever fields the largest wins. It would be delusional to think that a spreadsheet cares about honour.

    Leaving planets profitable overnight only appealed to my opportunistic side, as is the nature of this game. However, it was his choice to take this personally as if it affected normal life. Despite his claiming of 15 years experience of Ogame, it is unfortunate that reactivity prevailed over proactivity.

    Looking forward to this. Whichever way this goes, it all comes down to a spreadsheet and a few numbers.

    If there are further enquiries from the general player population, I would be happy to provide additional information and proof of my claims.

    Fact check and think critically. Don't believe the first thing you hear, especially if the person saying it is the loudest in the room.


  • Legion cant really complain about attacks for no profit.

    They IPM'ed my planet with over 100 ipm's but after the first 25 i had no defense (which they saw when probed, just continue to wasted ipms). They continued to probe and attack me for revenge on profitable attacks on them but never get anything.

    Captain Serpentis got mad cause i probed him once so he got all his ally to probe me back as a warning and said he was the leader of the biggest alliance in the uni, so i better not probe him again ><

    They are a joke but make some great farms, have fun DOOM

  • yodareloaded - That is not surprising at all but we don't want to make things even worse by poop-talking here..

    Bishop1 - We totally agree with you and shared the same concern with one of the members of LGN. An open-ended war will lead to even more LGN members going into v-mode or leaving the game which will eventually lead to a more boring play for all of us.

  • You guys should set a damage total for a win. Wars without goals are kinda pointless

    This war is in fact pointless. From the way things have been unfolding in public and private space, the motive appears to be a flex to bolster one's public image. The situation could have been resolved civilly in private, and without involving all players in both alliances. However, dismissive attitudes have resulted in a declaration of war with no defined objective. This is likely to waste time, resources and discourage player participation, as evident from the increased use of vacation mode.

  • I’m all for watching a war. Just make a total damage number. And then when it’s hit that team Wins. And the other losses. Changes their ally name to punk asses for a month and shake hands it’s over.


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  • Clarification of the post in the CR thread: We were not posting all our bashing hits but we will start to as from now. It doesn't matter if your hits were bashing or not, this is the war YOU declared and I would like to remind you that you refused our terms. In all cases, LGN members should keep the CR thread clean from any unsurprising emotional responses. Was it because LGN members are leaving and going to THS? Can the LGN leader or spokesperson confirm that THS is not a wing of LGN? Please clarify.

    Our ships ain't gonna blow up with your words. Bring it on.

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