What happened to Octans ?

  • The cheaters received an ultimatum from the GF:


    Or plow their fleet and send the resulting DF to weaker players / + they cannot produce an attack fleet of more than 500Mn for half a year;


    Minimum half year vacation;


    Or receive a perpetual ban, they will be permanently banned from all GF games.

    Unfortunately not everyone keeps the ultimatum, they will fly out of the game sooner or later, unfortunately only later.

    And by the way, when these half-years expire, there can be no more cheating, because there is NO second chance, there will be an immediate inheritance ban!

    Warned for trolling

    - Madoka

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  • dude easy. 1 guy from c19 was managing all the accounts using a progam called... lol look it online . you can manage all accounts form one . but paying like a noob. And Lost accounts are 1 same guy. Look at forum, all posts same accounts. Also pm me and i can send you pictures of prove that they do that kind of lame stuff

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    - Madoka

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