Localization feedback: What is this section for?

  • Dear community,

    This section has been created for you to be able to report translation issues when they are found in the game.

    No matter if it is a description or a typo, here you can create a new thread and add the text in the game as well as a screenshot of the issue you found in your language.

    The game bugs as well asfeature requests and community discussions still need to be reported in the general section of this forum.

    If you need help with any aspect of the game please create your thread following this link: Help & Questions

    If you need to suggest something or discuss any game related topic please create your thread in the following section: General

    Before posting your translation report, please make sure that:

    - Each translation report has to be done in a new thread. Do not group up several reports into the same thread.

    - Please keep in mind your reports in this section need to be done in English for our team to be able to forward and fix it faster.

    - Keep in mind not all found issues can be solved right away as sometimes the text issue is not in the translation, but is part of an issue in the game mechanics.

    - Once the error is solved, the thread will be closed.

    We hope you find this section helpful.

    Your OGame Team.