Just my curiosity about the highest amount of probes attained in this uni

  • As probes are the fastest way and irreplacable to transport materials (not that they r useless in inactive-no defence player hunting but being able to transport goods this way turned this uni to me the uttermost preferable) i am wondering who would have the highest amount of probes in the whole uni.

    i have a humble 120 k probes which allows me to carry 960 k atm.(And i really regret those 48 k probes i crashed into 69probes, my shame...:sick:)

    i wouldnt be surprised if i heard someone with a 2 m capacity tho

    Does anyone know anyone with such amount? :w00t:

  • 400k probes.. cap around 3.2-3.3mill. :stick::vain::vain:

    bought only probes with ur 48k probes DF. :this::vain:

    shocking sad it was for me

    but as my amount increases that loss will lose its importance as their percentage will fall

    i am more carefull with them now btw.

    at least i learned sthng out of it :tongue3: