A game of "Who Am I"

  • i was thinking how can we light up a mood on this board a little bit and thought of a perfect game, lets all play a game of who am i, the rules are simple, u write something down or post a pic (if its something from ingame just follow the rules and no coords or anything visible related to the ingame) and the rest of the players take a guess, after we get like 10 guesses in this thread, the one who started it(in this case me) declares a winner, then it goes to the next person, its a really fun game we can all play, i even invite the team members to join the fun, remember everything here can be fictioonal, it has nothing to do with real players, so u can say whatever u want to

    ok ill start first
    btw this story is totally fictional, we all know something like this just couldnt run ingame, so pls sustain yourself for trolling

    hmm i might go to extremes and totally make this whole story up, so story goes like this, i use my ex ally mate to farm him while he moves his whole fleet to df mission, i have been doing this for weeks now and im still not banned lmao

    WHO AM I ??

    Warned for trolling

    - Madoka

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  • Yeah this is clearly baiting for a reaction. If you have an issue you believe to be in violation of the rules send a ticket


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