Server settings: do we really need cruisers?

  • Firestorm's server settings thread got me to thinking: what should we do with the server settings in Virgo? And I think I have the answer: ditch cruisers. Who really needs them?

    People hardly use LF outside of specialized circumstances due to a combination of fuel cost and cruisers cutting through them. Every big fleeter has lots of cruisers. Maybe we should just shake things up and get rid of them.

    Now, I know what you're saying. Speed fleets need to have three different ships in them. That's why I have another suggestion. Make RIPS use impulse power and have the same base speed as cruisers.

    Now, of course, that leaves the problem that the niche for a very slow ship is unfilled. But that's no problem. Recyclers are pretty slow anyway, so we could easily drop their base speed to 100, like RIPs used to be.

    What do people think of this? Piink, can we have a poll to see whether Virgo wants these server settings?

  • so if we want to recycle someone we need to send our recys 6-8hrs ahead? XD

    i think thhis is a great idea.. could kill the game faster.. i vote YES PLEASE with cream:lol: