ACS Top 06 -[TOT: 15.262.471.000] Gladiator [SDI] & Powerofwind [SDI] & Hajrija Gegalj [SDI] & Director Expedition & Sovereign Aero vs. Crni Bombarder [PPT] & Kurz & Limar Mile [PPT] & NE CACKAJ MECKU [PPT] & zivotinja (A: 8.321.282.000, D: 6.941.189.000)

  • jesus the only thing i see here is pointless FC with idiots who still discuss 90s Balkan politics and a lot of hatered. Yo guys, go and get some pussy, blow some steam of

    Actually dude, we/my ally don't care about politics, we don't care about loosing the fleets, also, while defending our two systems surrounded by pretty a lot of top 30 ranked enemies, eager to smash us one by one :) so, from our part it was not about politics but to defend our part of Universe without any regrets of loosing everything we have :)

    We don't have much top 100 ranked players :)

    So, Jesus, only what I see when You open Your mouth is Your malice :)

    bro did you considered maybe putting a third color in your texts

    like maybe red, or blue or i dont know, darker green?

    what is wrong with you, OCD? gay?

    Warned for Insult

    - Madoka

    In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

    Universe - Janice

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  • Nice def guys

    I think they are so mad cuz what u guys did
    Some people said it’s normal def and useless

    But I think it’s about prove your alliance and say we are here

    Keep it up

    Nice to see you hydro hit people here too xd

  • Congrats on the top 10 and moved!

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