Ogame Infinity [Extension]

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    • Author: Aleks
    • Website: ogameinfinity.com
    • Support: Discord
    • Download: ogameinfinity.com
    • Screenshot: See below
    • Browser: Chrome, Firefox (soon), Edge (soon)
    • Compatibility: Computers, Android phones
    • Languages: English for the addon. Spanish/English/French/Romanian for expedition statistics.
    • Tolerated: Yes (board en)


    Hello everyone !

    Here is Ogame Infinity. Based on OGLight(thanks Mr.NullNan), the main idea beyond this project was to combine the main features from other well known add-ons into one extension, and add some new ones to improve the overall player's experience.

    Note: all empire related features are only available with the commander officer.

    Overall experience

    Enjoy the comfort of multiple user interface improvements. Improved fleet/buildings menu, better activity tracking, union grouping counters... List goes on...

    Versatile control panel

    Planet list, player search, target list, empire view, statistics... Everything just one click away.

    Full set of statistics

    Enjoy the overview of your account, browse your latest combat or expedition results.

    Improve empire visuals

    Never lose track of your fleet, defense or mines production...

    Bugs - Features - Questions

    If you see a bug, or have a feature request... Come by for a virtual beer on Discord :)


  • this looks really really amazing!!

    however is it approved by the GF?

    and also..im guessing itd work on Yandex mobile browser?


    Vreme će proći pa moći će svi da vide

    Kako stojimo ponosni, večni ko piramide

  • It's not approved yet.

    We just started the toleration process.

    You can test it on the piooners universes.

    but but if i install it, then it'll load to all ogame and not just pioneers :p

    but i'll wait a few days..cuz this really is awesome


    Vreme će proći pa moći će svi da vide

    Kako stojimo ponosni, večni ko piramide

  • You can disable it when you are playing and enable it when you are testing it. Anyway, I've removed the link to prevent that anyone install it by mistake.

  • screenshoots look good .

    let us have the download link Danimanza

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  • Hey Warsaalk! Thank YOU for your tools ! I've been using them for more than 10 years already if I'm not mistaken ! :D
    I really appreciate having a feedback from you :love:

    Hopefully, Ogame Infinity can bring some new life into the game :) To be honest, shout out to OGLight for the initial work. I've merely trash coded on top of it as many features as I could as I don't really have much time to invest... But in the end, it still works :cool2:

    Concerning the expedition tracking, what version are you using ? Prior to 1.5.9, fetching in other languages than French was not working really well.
    Also, I'm currently working on deploying more languages so I might break stuff from time to time ^^


  • Thank you for this extension, so far im loving it...

    got a suggestion for you, to add a timer for the jumpgate cooldown, next to its moon, what do you think of it?

    cheers! and keep up the good work, ill be paying you a coffe ;)

  • sorry for the wrong suggestion, just saw that the timer is there, it activated with the 2nd or 3rd jump so i guess it just needed some time!


  • Hello,

    Good job, Aleks !!! :thumbsup: I installed the Ogame Infinity extension and it works great for me! I have been a fan of Antigame for a really long time, but it seems Ogame Infinity already won me over.

    Everything works great for me, so far! Just a couple of suggestions for future improvements:

    1. Summing up all (current) resources of the account (on planets/moons and in fleet), and calculating them to the missing resources, when selecting the building or research you want to develop

    2. The ability to choose "repeat" fleet missions, e.g. when you send expedition fleets or collect resources from your planets.

    (Maybe this can be done through the targets list, but I have not figured out how this works, yet.)

    Keep up the good work!!! :squint:

  • Awesome tool. Really love the looks of it and the color scheme. Finally something to replace the dinosaur AGR. I absolutely adore the gradients on planet list, would be nice the have those on the left menu aswell.

    Found a minor bug - jumpgate cooldown shows -values when it passes. Like -10. -15 and so on.

    Also got some suggestions - could you add some hotkeys for browsing the galaxy like AGR had? Q and E was left and right, A and D was for up and down.

    Next thing that i would be glad to see is auto fill needed sc/lc/pf when sending attacks from the ESP report table. One more thing - i dont like opening new browser windows when i click on trash sim links etc. Is there an option to open them in new tab instead?

    "Cheating accusations and discussions will be punished, unlike cheating itself." -alex stukov

  • Awesome extension Aleks !

    You said you built on top of OgLight but im not able to find the "repatriate" feature from OgLight to repatriate easily all my ressources from all my planets to one target, maybe i havnt looked enough ?