• OGame ACS Split

    ACS Split is a tool that players can use to calculate their profits and settle what each player owes their teammate after a successful ACS Attack or ACS Defend. The tool is integrated with the OGame API, which means combat and recycle reports can be loaded using report keys. The tool also supports Custom Reports where a player can manually enter a report's details. Today I have published Version 1.0.0.

    List of ACS Split Features

    • Automatic Loading of CR/RR Reports using Keys
    • Custom CR/RR Reports
    • Reimbursement of fleet lost in battle (optional)
    • Reimbursement of deuterium consumed in flight (optional)
    • Ability to convert deuterium consumption reimbursement to metal and crystal (optional)
    • Calculate the profit split equally or based on fleet weight
    • After calculation, specify which players sends to which players the resources owed
    • Multiple Language Support


    A detailed step-by-step guide is available and you can check it out here.


    This tool was developed by your own under the consultation of the awesome Nightmare. This was inspired by the ACS Split Spreadsheet created by the OG math wiz Renzuki.


    https://acssplit.com/ is the website where you can use this tool.

    Development Contribution and Support

    The tool is built using ReactJS and it is recommended to use the latest browser versions . We are very open to contributions as well as feedback and suggestions. Feel free to fork the Repository if you want to contribute. You can submit bugs and issues in the Issues Section. You can also talk to me on discord.

    Language Contribution

    If you wish to contribute in the languages supported, whether by editing or adding new languages, please check this post or talk to me on discord. We are ready to add any language as long as we find people who can translate the text. A list of all the contributors can be seen at the end of the post which will be constantly updated.



    Discord: Tanavast#3671

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