ACS Top 01 - GKP & Thunder Child & Budyser & Unionpacific59 & IsaacAsimov [ASSASSIN] -vs- Bibas [TBH] - TD: 883,017G

  • Awesome Hit and Even Better Teamwork! With patience and determine - nothing is impossible!

    Bibas - you have been in the last two UNI's I have been in - each merge took us here!

    I wish you good luck and a fast recovery!

    Cheers Kissenger

    I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today!

  • Incredible destruction! Congrats on the new number one. I'm not sure how you're going to come up with a way to one-up this one. I'm sorry to hear about your friend Greg. :sad2:

  • I just cant get my head around those numbers, Well Done ASSASSIN, Great team work as ever,

    Gratz on the NN1,

    Bibas I wish you GlotR or GlirL

    ASSASSIN I am Sorry to hear about your fallen solider :(

  • From the remarkable level of positivity towards attackers and defender, it would seem this hit cheered a lot of us up! :cool2:

    Quite possibly what we needed to see during these darkest days of the game - No account can get too big to crash.

    A rather moving tribute to Bang given the fantastic showing from both sides which was nice - good luck with whatever you decide Bibas.

    Nice one guys!

  • This hit simultaneously giives me hope and takes it away. Best one I have ever seen. Let it be a lesson to everybody else. If you got it, you better start using it or you will be losing it.

    Go on about all the advantages of the explorer class if you like. In uni 1, you are little more then a movable buffet if you dont start...thinking about the future.

  • The only thing missing making this the deservedly good play it was is a message from bibas.

    Not to eat humble pie nor to state ones intentions to revenge this.

    But merely for so long Bibas was a player, a force, a well known charachter for the past several years for so many of us.

    Assassins too. Does anyone else remember a time when all these players were a minor part of their universe?

    Observing a minority grow to become dominant and grant us in our time here such a magnificent battle deserves mention.

    Now think back to a time when there were dominant forces in our od uni's ....... and they were all overcome due to time ventually, as this is a game ultimately about time.

    Eventually all will be given to the sands of time - if I learned philosophy I would have come up with something better..

    Theres no reason to give up. No reason to give in. Just a reason to remember. A reason to fight. A reason to conquor.

    Thats all we ever need. Plus time.

    Edit: My spelling could have been a bit better but I'm drinking heavy. Maybe if bibas bought Pat and Pete booze istead of DM for himself this might never have been!

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  • Credit given where credit is due, it’s an amazing hit. Outrageous numbers on both sides. Enjoy the spoils.

    GLIRL/ I would have to say congrats Bibas, now you can go do something else constructive with your time and get away from this silly game.

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

    Ex- Gmod... don’t bother me anymore

  • Love to see hits like this in time all play alone with expos,this hit show purpose of ogame team work,insane organisation and pro execution.Well done team Assassin I think atm you are best alliance on org:cool2:

    Fr Bibas you surely made your mark in uni 1 hope you will rebuild:check:

  • Absolutely massive hit! Congrats to the attackers on pulling off such a feat. I have been a ghost on the uni 1 boards for a while, and it seems Assassin continues to pull off the big wins with little resistance.

    GLOTR defender if you choose to stay.


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • Congratulations to Assassins for some great Team work .

    Especially a big shout out goes to GKP/Thunder Child in all the planning and the dedication that went into this successful operation.

    Bibas respect for the name change to CONGRATS.

    All the very best whatever you decide to do in the future.

    Well done to all involved.

  • An awful long tme ago I started playing uni 23 with a few of the guys I knew from uni 31. Our main enemy was Bibas, and aside from scale the dynamic was pretty similar, we would annoy him, he would bash us. We had a good group who were competitive but even back then Bibas was totally dominant. He didn't make loads of hits but his points were just off the chart. We had no hope of catching him, he couldn't really catch any of us. It was a weird stalemate.

    I thought when the uni 44 merge happened Bibas was sure to go down, now that there were players with the firepower capable of destroying his fleet. Not only did he survive, but he managed to thrive in uni 44, even with bigger and undoubtedly more capable players to compete with. I remember the moment when I felt like I was wrong about my prediction was when he made a new number one ACS with Afterkill against Dahnilla who came from uni 21, turns out I was indeed wrong.

    Round came the next set of merges and I thought this would be it, someone like deneb was sure to have Bibas' number when he landed in uni 1, or he would fall out with Baal without Assassin to keep them onside. Nope, he still survived.

    Its now been almost 2 years since the last round of merges and despite thriving in version 7 and stayng at the top Bibas has finally gone down.

    For Assassin, what a crowning achievement after so long. The numbers are massive, the hit was was a classic smash and grab, it had all the best ingredients. Persistence paid off and I'm really glad you managed to rally up the impetus to go for this Pat, failure was not an option. I am still a little smug that I don't need to change my signature just yet though ha.

    Players will always criticise or peddle their conspiracy theories but I would wager that there's not a lot more heart-stopping in this game than seeing a big squad of beefy lads appear all around you on a dark and stormy night.

    Good luck Bibas in whatever you choose.

  • Big numbers here.

    Bibas, you've played for a long time and for some years it seems that you have been one of the top targets of that alliance, so you've done well to have stayed safe for so long. With my few dealings with you I've found you to be a nice and generous player and this hit also proves you are a good sportsman too. I really hope you stay playing.

    Fast rebuild.


    Prickly Thorn.....

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    You actually are insane

  • I have known the name "Bibas" for a long, long time.

    Those num,bers are huuuge, well done.

    Send me a message when you want to have it moved :)

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  • its actually 883 BN not G

    good job Attackers this would be one hell of a fight if it wasnt for expos and MCO version. Now im just like, yeah, great crash, thats my 2 days expo profit on Janice.

    Its not always about the profit, though there was plenty of this in the operation. Anyone can do expos and make more...but few have the skill or are willing to invest the time, effort, and cost to do a hit of this magnitude. U might make more doing expos, but it requires no skill whatsover to do it as u well know.

    Team, great work. I think this was the most fun in Ogame I have had in years. Congratz to the whole alliance for this new number one, and kudos to Pete and Pat for doing all the hard work. Well done, and lets focus on our next targets. Fantastic support and involvement by every member of the alliance

    Bibas, we havent always seen eye to eye on the boards over the years, but you took it like a champ and I wish u well in RL. To put ur mind at rest, no bug or anything like that was used. In fact I didnt even know about it myself until reading all the whingers and whiners speaking about it. Dirty FS is a vulnerable one. GLIRL dude, u are finally free at last.

  • Oh



    finally got it! Excellent job guys! Will take a very long time before this one is surpassed! Profits insane, happy to see the biba down! Best of luck in RL or rebuilding I guess

    Buying Deut, Universe 1 PM me here or ingame, same Name. Thanks!

  • Look who the cat dragged in. Howdy Ares!!!

    Oh man, this hit was awesome. The execution of this was top notch. The coordination between us all was pretty tight. The most enjoyable hit I've had in ogame, on a couple levels.

    Congrats to all involved.

  • Well done to the assassin team on this outragous hit. .Huge numbers and mahoosive battle! i felt the shockwaves from europa

    One thing i know assassin are preapred and well oiled machine and should never be underestimated but Never thought id see the day Bibas was going to get crashed but here it is i guess hording that resources in the end never paid off bibas you shouldof spent it all..

    Congratz and enjoy your new Number 1 :thumbsup: im sure it will be there for a while.

  • i guess hording that resources in the end never paid off bibas you shouldof spent it all..

    lol at some point Bibas did spend a load of it, made it to 1 billion points ...

    Assassin Chat Room ...

    Guess what guys, you've got to make even more Cruisers !

    (collective groan)

    Best Solo - 1.4bn Profit -
    Best ACS - 5.7bn Profit -