Expedition questions

  • Hi i have a few questions about expeditions and the mechanics

    1. If i say do not want ships and send only cargos, do i lower my chances of something positive since i no longer get ships, or am i just more likely for everything else to happen?

    2. Is there a way of knowing the exact amount of cargos i should send? The calculators ive seen all have huge ranges. Or is the reward the same from xx-xx points, and increases again at the next breakpoint for #1??

    3. If i don't have enough cargos to send for max reward across my max expos, is it better to do one/a few big ones, and max out on # of expos and just them all be smaller?

    4. Can i get reapers even tho im not the fleet class (idr name)

    5. When i get a result and keep sending to same system, is just that particular result lowered to get again, or if it was positive then it's less likely to get a positive one?

    6. Does the expo check for like Positive/negative/neutral and then it determines exactly what happens, or does each result have its own chance of happening?

    7. Should i even be sending to different systems? I usually send randomly until it no longer says "it feels great to be the 1st"

    thanks. I had more but i don't remember them atm

  • 1. chance of hapenings does not change depending on the fleet composition. fleet composition dictates what kind of ships you can find

    2. https://expocalc.universeview.be/ this calc has it all, ask more if neded

    3. imho best is to divide your number of ships by the number of expo slots available to you, or even have 1 extra slot as a reserve

    4. you can get all ships no matter of your class except, recyclers, colony ship, DS and crawler

    5. each expedition is an event on its own and is not hard linked to previous ones, the only connection we as players were able to find is position "depleting", meaning that if a number of expo is sent to the same position an a fixed time span that position gives more results where you gain nothing, usually it is something as if yo usend 7 expos back to back to the same position you are fine, with more than 7 you want to split them to 2 different positions, you can monitor that when sending 1 spy probe with the expo, and in expo msg it says that it is nice to explore new universe or that is nice when noone was there before that is ok, but when it says that you nearly missed another wxpo fleet or smth like that it means that the position was depleted

    6. we do not know the actual mechanics of expo, what we do know is from sending numerous expos and looking what happend, we determined that each result has some ranhe of chances of happening, this is al statistics and is shown as % of certianty that an event has a range of % of happening, Grandpa is a master of explainig things like this, Expeditions : a study from the French community

    7. when you are not able to depleta a position is best t osend only to that one position, when you deplete it it is best to sent to multiple, allways in your own ss to consume less fuel, and preferably from position 15 as it consumes less fuel

    ask away when you get more

  • 2. https://expocalc.universeview.be/ this calc has it all, ask more if neded

    yeah that's the calculator i use. Are the max rewards the same regardless of points between 1m and 5m? and then the same reward for 5m-25m? Or does highest points having 24m points offer more of a max than if they had 5m points? Also how do i know if a system is depleted?

  • if mo1 player had 5 or 24mil points max rewards are the same

    Nixian Raid Tracker

    use nixian raid tracker and it will mark depleted msg for you

    but manually as i explained, the spy probe with expo fleet will produce some extra msg, that report tells you as you said it yourself

    "it feels great to be the 1st"

    you wil lsee msg meaning you are the 1ts or only and that is cool

    when you see msg as we found another expo, or nearly missed another expo or someone was here before tha tis bad and is depleted