Draco departs [Galatea]

  • The time has come friends, real life wins out.

    I started out playing ogame in uni 13 back in like 2006. I came back to the game a few years later and flew with a crew that dominated whatever the uni was called after a broken merge. We had 9 of the top 10 hits at the time I left, my favourite being a perfectly timed destruction of my own moon resulting in a foolish attacker facing 5B more fleet than anticipated 😂. It looks like none of our fun survived the great board purge, but hopefully people still have the psychological scars from our hits 😝.

    Anywho, I came back to the game last year and joined Galatea. Ran with some peeps and refreshed myself on the ways of the ACS universe.

    As I anticipated, I eventually found myself in WCKD despite Euge voting to kick me at least once a week 😂.

    What can I say, I honestly don't think I've flown with a better bunch of guys and girls. Galatea is still a young uni and it hasn't exactly been active, but we managed to give Graeme brown pants (and almost take his fleet), got a "dirty" number one on Daffy, and dominate the top 10 board as well as the fleet rankings in game. I don't think anyone really questions that WCKD owns Galatea now.

    Thank you to (briefly and not covering everyone):

    Sinoxa for your friendship, your crazy arse miner ideas, and managing to keep it together whilst we cooked the duck 😉.

    Eugene111 thanks for taking me in despite the fact I was definitely 100% probably a spy for Mr rage quit. I'm sorry we didn't get more time to fly together and that Graeme left before we finally crashed him.

    Vulcan_558 thanks for putting up with me and now you have no competition for Queen's reapers 😝.

    Bunnybasher you can have your g2 farms back now 😉. I enjoyed our cat and mouse before I joined wckd and I enjoyed working with you even more. Don't mix beer and OG!

    The Queen thanks for the reapers and for telling me I'm cooler than Vulcan 😂. Keep building up and I'll see you on discord.

    CVK thanks for the chats mate. I'm glad we could work together. Keep building those mines!

    Stratodinos thanks for the banter (both when we are on opposite sides and since) and for convincing Euge to take me 😝.

    Dragon I would have loved to fly with you more mate. I guess the best Dragon had to retire eventually too 😉😝

    The rest of WCKD - cheers for everything!

    I go out with the current number one solo hit in Galatea and the biggest rip fleet.


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • Ah Draco. The fun we have had. I remember we posted this one:

    [TOT: 119.401.500] God [WCKD] vs. Sinoxa [Merchant] (A: 935.000, D: 118.466.500)

    To make everyone think we were enemies, which proved enough for this "dirty" hit:

    [TOT: 2.297.648.000] Lord Draco [WCKD] vs. Sinoxa [Merchant] & Flyingduck [DOW] (A: 0, D: 2.297.648.000)

    But that is only the latest in our long line of adventures. We found each other in OWM, and when it died we stayed friends, which was really cool. It's been nice having someone to chat to about the game.

    I'm sad that you're leaving, but I can't blame you with the state of the game currently. I myself will probably just leave around Christmas time, but it's actually not entirely because the game is now PvE: it's because real life has so much more value. I can tell that you have a good and strong character, which will get you far in life. You've proven yourself in conversation and in combat, and for that I am honoured to have been your friend.

    I have learnt a lot from you, and I'm sure others in Galatea will remember you for a long time.

    Peace bro <3


  • Draco,

    You single handedly added some fun into this universe.

    I've enjoyed our chats and had fun watching you make some huge hits.

    Best of luck in real life - I hope it all goes well for you.

    Take care my friend.

  • WOW, my old acct got 2 mentions...never got me I hasten to add ;)

    But I liked the banter, the chase, the running...

    Good luck in where-ever life takes you :)