• Well as always I see that ur opinion matters little to any but urself ur entitled to it as are all. However if u need it----the chapter 5 character building methods, they would be useful to FGR members as well man. Ur guys getting sick of being farmed for hundreds of millions yet? Ask Pat for the handbook to give out to fruity, birdie, Silent, and the others. Might help them cope with problems like LD, WA, and the others have experienced since the merge. Once they nerf the military Expos and they have to do real fleeting again to grow. Course I guess MP can fix some of those problems ;) or maybe the Red rebuilding program. Feel sorry for him having to rebuild players in the alliance regularly however kudos to him as that is what alliance members should do if they can.

    WTF are you on about now Larry? Since WHEN has Assassin ever given a noob trader outside of BTMI a free ride via NAP right off the bat? We have always had, and always will have, a trial period for any new trader. Historically we have always given new traders a TRIAL period to see if they are worthy enough to deserve a NAP. Period. No ifs, no buts, thats how it has always been. That trial period can be a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, whatever. We always want our traders (and members) to be held accountable at all times. After all its better to raid, then trade right?

    Peeps get hit, that is the game. Dont sit here and act all self righteous bro. U know better. Even new traders are tested (and yes occassionally hit) to remind them that just trading deut to one of us, doesnt protect them from all of us. For a full NAP from the entire alliance is a privilege, not a given. U making promises in my name, or anyone elses (including Pat, Will, Pete, whoever) was where YOU went wrong. Stop acting the martyr, grow up, and act like a man. This has gotten to new levels of stupid I cant even describe. You not willing to talk to anyone for the simple reason u picked a farm for a new trader is ridiculous, immature, and not the Assassin way. Airing dirty laundry and playing the victim doesnt become you dude. U got an issue, u solve it in TeamSpeak, not here for public ridicule. FFS.

    So basicly you force people to trade with you at lowest possible rates and then hit them just in case. Sounds honarable to me.

    As for this, Ive never forced anyone to trade with me at any rates. I nuture and grow my traders like they are family. I have only one BTMI guy so mine had to do theirs right, and they are better off for it and have grown in points. If they dont grow accordingly, I dont have fuel to farm with...and I be a farmer for sure

  • I thought you were disco no? suits you with the name dj, so why you give crap to others doesnt really make sense to me. You use your ass as your instrument of speech too much matey! Say hello to your pop for me tho

    Anyway enjoy rl union...

  • haha hahahahah hahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa funniest shit iv ever read hahahaha Red has done nothing towards rebuild idk were that came from its more a team effort from everyone whos higher ranked then the person who needs help and even our allie mates who just sell deuter get better rates then yall give most ur traders most in alley almost pay merchant rates cause its more bout help each other out.
    AND you may not force for 2/1/1 deuter sales but tbh who knows cause there were alot of assassins bashing kertif trying to force him to sell 2/1/1 he even offered to sell part and keep part but that wasnt enough they continued nuking all planets to 0 and rip bashing i saw it trust me thats why he gave me his account i didnt have to pay he was tired of assassins crap and iv talked and played with kertif since zagadra but yall made him fed up with this game were he decided to quit even before he left he tried to make assassins a little happy not even wanting to and that got shot down which then he made his choice and passed me the account

  • I would say that I’ll miss you, snickers, but I don’t know you. So I’ll say something that I do miss... the McRib. Now that’s something I miss.

    It’s a shame to see anyone leave. Wish you all the best IRL.

    As for all the drama involved, best keep it to yourselves.

    And DJ, gtfo here with your attempted trolling. Leave that to the pro’s like Vojislav .



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  • Darth Johnny

    Please stop talking breeze about FGR you do not understand.

    The short conversation we have had has been pleasant but please refrain from spouting nonsense.

    FGR all help each other in times or need and in general, no one single person does all the work.

    To rebuild all the damage your team has caused was never easy and we all put in our savings including myself to rebuild the likes of Al, LD and Ocelot.

    I admire your team and their coordination and determination but sometimes you need to learn to relax and stop labelling a whole alliance under one banner and talking about internal matters you have no insight into.

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”



  • Cillidan You have some nerve saying that with all the garbage that comes from Esio's mouth.

    snickers - Should have kept this internal dude. You have just shown the World never to trust you with anything.

    As for the rest, well if you want to listen to one person's side of the story and believe it all, your choice. I will not comment on what actually happened, I'll only say Larry's post is a long way from providing the truth.

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  • look folks. This is not rocket science. Either you work for assassins or you dont. If there is any gray area, then make a plan to get slaughtered at some point in the near or distant future. You wana nap with them, you will pay for it. Their accounts have not become the sharpened tools that they ar by offering generous trade rates, and if you miss a payment, they you have entered the gray area of your own free will.

    As bleak as that sounds, there is an alternative. Trade with somebody else. Anybody else, and bank on your own ingenuity to survive rather then a back alley trade deal that doesnt really advantage you and will end in tragedy. I have heard it told that FGR offers pretty descent rates on fuel. I know Baal to do the same. I am long out of the fuel selling business myself but if it was mine to do, I wouldnt quit. I would get even.

  • Cillidan You have some nerve saying that with all the garbage that comes from Esio's mouth.

    Just like your alliance that has multiple people who spout nonsense for what seems like a living. I also do not have control over what everyone in the alliance has to say.

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”



  • Galactus aka Johnny is becoming the most annoying player in this org

    always act nice

    but deep down inside his character comes out once in a while lol

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  • I don't believe what i am reading.

    Are the traders of Assassin Alliance




    that they actually tolerate the conditions being described ...

    and all for the poxy rate of 2:1:1 ... ?

    WTF is wrong with them ?

    It's only a stupid game. who cares if they bash a bit of virtual defence.

    Ditch them. Trade with us.

    At least you will have some self respect if nothing else.

    Contact Carbon or myself for a decent rate. Or weird al, if you prefer FGR


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  • so this going to be my final post. Seeing as how great king Removed has cut off all coms. If he was any type of a man he would have stood up and taken the heat that he caused. But nope he has to hide behind a computer screen for his protection. Everyone has told me this should not have aired out in public, I agree. But dictator cut off coms everywhere. Again signs of a bully that can't stand it when someone stands up to them. I thought about giving the account to Carbon. That would have really stirred the pot. But almost all of the players in the alliance don't deserve that. So the account will delete and i will walk away knowing that I dont have to bow down again to the self proclaimed king of BS. Karma does have its days and will be coming for you pat. I am 61 and have done quite a bit in my life. I have seen winners and a lot of loosers. Pat fits the last category. So while I am enjoying my retirement you can sit behind your little screen and continue to bully people and think you are king . Everyone knows different.......

    Notice issued- Andvari300

  • You have worked hard to built such an account

    Dont take any harsh and quick decision

    Ask yourself , is it fair to delete the account ?

    Just because of people like pat ?

    And deep down inside

    you know the answer.

    Just vmode the account and enjoy your retirement

    P.S : When merge item comes move your account to any universe and play there and have fun :)

    Because after all

    The show must goes on ;) ^^

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    Advanced hits never counted
    HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
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  • As much as it pains me I have to agree with some of what carbon just said.....Larry don't delete your account....I get the heat of the moment type of deal....The anger and frustration....I'll be 100% honest, I don't know what happened and it's not my business....I don't know from either your side or Pats side....I only know the bits and pieces that I've seen on here.....You built that account up and I know you've spent cash on it.....Why don't you just v-mode it.....Give yourself some time to settle down and cool off and when the merge items come you then have that choice to move into a different server where Assassin aren't at.....That gives you piece of mind and keeps your account growing in a way that you see fit....

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  • There's some good advice there Larry, leave the account in v-mode and wait for the new method of moving to different universes to come into the game, you've spent a lot of time & money on your account and it just seems such a waste to delete it, you got time to think about it too whilst in v-mode, enjoy your freedom Larry, go for a trek in the beast RV you got ... :D

    ps. McDonalds is awful cheap stuff, anyone with taste doesn't go in there to get conned out of money ...

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  • i respect for your retire. thank you for playing.

    but i think, if anyone makes me sad, i will make sad for him/her.

    i think, snickers, you have a power for fight. don't you?

    ps. McDonalds is awful cheap stuff, anyone with taste doesn't go in there to get conned out of money ...

    and McDonalds is good and god. i eat big-mac every day!

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  • Whenever there is an ASSASSIN issue, FGR come like crows trying to benefit.

    Take advantage of this benefit to put them in your recyclers. As I said before, everything is based on how far you want to go in the game and how much you want that benefit, because words do not give you debris or profit.


    Now going back to the subject of this post, have you already deleted the account? Or was it just a tantrum from having dirty diapers.