New danger on expo, hidden "Feature"

  • Just when ya tink all is goin well, Sent expo out other day, wait patiently and it finally emerges...but wait...Read message... "daring commander...fleet expedited return" Well damn, got nothing so I guess I'll send them back again. HHmmmm, thats odd, they haven't returned. Reread message, look for fleet....look at expo fleet count, it shows 1 short so where are those 1903 ships..Finally after an hour or so of looking n waiting its time to send in a ticket..K few days later reply to ticket...GO says a wormhole got the ships... Now just a minute message stated the fleet was expedited to retun, not vanish ya cant have it both ways...PK reply to ticket sayin answer not acceptable kick it up the chain, damn ya cant have it both ways..Well then the game admin reply... lol what a classic. I know I'm stupid, pre-requisite to play O'crack but I'm not a moron. Was told ships did return albeit a bit later. Now I find that all very amusing as by the time I logged out they still had not retiurned. I rebuilt em the next day and thought best I let all n sundry know that there are secret wormhole devouring ships in expo in defiance of the message you get after ships supposedly emerge...Watch out for this new feature n dont waste your time, like I did, sending in a Bug report ticket cos same wormhole influences the replies. :confused::confused::confused:

  • Can no longer supply the expo message as I delete everything daily in an effort to prevent the constant GF kicks to login . Support says keeping cache etc clear stops the disconnects but it doesn't as many know. The expo emergence message was the standard A daring commander one where it states your fleet has an expedited return. There has never been a fleet return message. I read all messages as I get em. Admin says their data shows fleet returned, was the same data that GO says a wormhole devoured em. Right now its a Mexican standoff...They say they returned, I know they didn't because I checked everything for a few hours before wasting time putting in a ticket. On a slight side note...Remember whenan expedited fleet returned in about 2-3 minutes after they came out...Look how long they take now. I get the odd quicky return n its now taking over 30 minutes for them to actually return...more nerfing/errors or whatever.. All I know is I'm down 1903 ships and support is saying I'm not. Museko the message did not say ships devoured by "wormhole" it said expedited return. I can read as I am edificated after all