17.09: 7.5.0-beta3 Rebalance of classes

  • Dear community,

    Tomorrow, 17th of September we will patch the public test servers with the version 7.5.0-beta3

    The PST will be updated at 10:00 CEST.

    Here is what is coming:

    Rebalance of Player Class

    - As any other class effects, these apply as long as the class is active!

    General class

    - Fleetspeed works now in 5% steps.

    - 5 additional moon slots as long as the class is active.

    - Deactivating the class will cause the additional slots to vanish.

    - Buildings that use up these new slots will not vanish even when the class is gone and will continue to occupy the slots above limit.

    - Increased storage capacity for Recycler and Pathfinder.

    - The bonus is set on the base capacity of the ships.

    - The bonus needs to be active on the time of the event to work.

    - If the class is deactivated before the ships reach for example a debris field, the bonus will not apply!

    - This is a general increase in storage capacity, not only for debris fields.

    - The bonus is set on 20%.

    - Discount on finishing Ships with premium currency.

    Collector class

    - If both Collector class and the Geologist are active, you can use additional Crawlers above the usual limit.

    - You can now overload Crawlers.

    - Crawlers can be set up until 150% of their workload as long as the class is active.

    - Every 10% raise above 100% costs 20% additional energy!

    - Deactivating the class during overload will cause it to jump back to 100%.

    - Discount on finishing Buildings with premium currency.

    Discoverer class

    - 50% lowered chance of meeting pirates or aliens on expedition.

    - Weekly maximum added to the possibility of finding items on expedition.

    - Both daily and weekly maximum work together! If one is reached, no items will be found!

    - Discount on finishing Research with premium currency.

    Note: In case the event for discounts on speeding up upgrades is running, both boni will add together

    Metal bonus

    *Positions 6-10 now get a metal production bonus (similar to the crystal bonus on the first positions).

    *The bonus means an increased base production for metal as long as a planet is on one of these positions. *Positions 6+10 have the same bonus= 17%. Positions 7+9 have the same bonus= 23%. 8 has another bonus= 35%. The bonus on position 8 is the hightest, on 6+10 the lowest.


    [Bugfix] The shortlink sorting to select target coordinates when sending fleets has been fixed.

    [Bugfix] The reaper cargo capacity is restored to 10000.

    [Bugfix] The free merchant received in the started bonus works properly now.

    [Bugfix] The phalanx does not give fatal error when using it multiple times any longer.

    Your OGame Team

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