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  • info: OGamers - Website that contains rankings, players, alliances, etc... for ALL OGame Servers !

    Author: Me, My nickname is Ghost Land for now


    Support: Discord is in place here : https://discord.gg/bCK3MwK

    Download: You have nothing to download.

    Screenshots: Here are Top / Flop links examples :

    Here are an example of the top of the home page of a server :

    Browser: All

    Compability: All

    Languages: English and French for now


    I am developping a new website for now severals weeks. The first release can be shown to public and can be accepted in state like it is for now.

    I present you a new web site, that permit to know :

    - the top / flop player score on sliding 24h (and link images for seen on board or others forums)

    - top 10 player score

    - top 10 alliance score

    - player status (new i, new MV, new b, new deleted, new nicknames changes)

    - Servers characteristics (individual and all)

    - player score (all types) and difference in 3 periods (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) => 1 month will come

    - player planetes and moons

    - alliance score (all types) and difference in 3 periods (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) => 1 month will come

    - alliance members with score (type 0) and diff (type 0) on same period

    - All score is shown with the real date, from the API with your connection UTC time (when available) otherwise it show UTC time

    - Search player and alliance (with score and position)

    - the most wanted player and alliance (with a page that count the number of all pages seen)

    - show player status in color (in home, player, alliance, rankings, and search pages)

    - Galaxy exploration

    - Scores exploration

    All those informations are for ALL SERVERS of Ogame

    It come for now in 2 languages, English and French. It will, I hope, be in many others languages.

    It is free, only a donation button is accessible for those people have the possibility to donate and encourage this project.

    There is a discord server for contact me, on features requests, bugs, gold book or others things like they want.

    That's it for now but I have requested a key for API. CR converter and Combat simulator will come but I think not soon (need really lot lot of work)

    Let my website be a toolerated tools

    Thanks per advance

    Ogamers developper


    OGamers Developper

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  • Hi everybody,

    I have added the total points types on alliance members table.

    Good navigation for all of you !

    (Sometimes it need to do CTRL+F5 to show them correctly, there is cache)


    OGamers Developper

  • Sorry that you do not like it.

    For me at least, and I hope for some others people, seems to be more ergonomics than other likely website

    And it's a little bit amusing to have a design remark from whom do not have any avatar...

    But anyway thank you for the signature, I made it late at night and made a mistake on the link. It's repair...


    OGamers Developper

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  • Hi Everybody,

    I have just added Italian language to the website.

    As I said in the italian community, I do not speak any words of italian.

    I have in consequences accept help from google translations.

    Italian website is now accessible on (website is offline)

    Do not hesitate if you speak good italian to join me on official OGamers discord here : https://discord.gg/bCK3MwK

    Best Regards !


    OGamers Developper

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  • Re All,

    In the meantine and also another time with my friend Google Translate.

    I have added Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and German. And I have correct some English sentences.

    But I need help to validate translations. Normally spanish have been nice validated but it can still have problems.

    So do not hesitate to join discord if you have time and motivation !




    OGamers Developper

  • Hi all,

    I have added, deut consumption, probe freight and an advanced search to the servers page here : :censored:

    Everythings for all languages can not be translate on the advanced search, as the plugin is very young but the feature is very nice !

    Enjoy navigation!


    link removed - Prongs


    OGamers Developper

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay on the site for few times.

    I have supress 1 month stats for having normal page shown speed.

    I have also add the ipm simulator whith both API key (defender - attacker)

    Do not hesitate to give me feedback if necessary.


  • Hi everybody,

    Sorry for the non-update. The website need to change when new universe arrives.

    I was hospitalize until now.

    It begining update another time now.

    It will be completely available to use in few hours.

    Sorry for all.


    OGamers Developper

  • Get well soon!



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