My Complaint about a few things

  • I have also contacted Cass private and actually have explained my frustration regarding my issues with what going on, and I hope she understand that.

    Yes there is correct avenue to report my issues, but currently all I've had is road block after road block, stonewall after stone wall every step I have taken, and that all i will say on the matter until there is either a satisfactory conclusion or I leave the boards,

    Nobody denies that you have every right to be frustrated not is it something we could not understand.

    As was explained though: complaints about a certain staffmember cannot be run this open. I am sorry that you had problems to reach someone, though I can assure you that the BA is well aware of everything as can be seen with his post in the Goodbye thread.

    You mix up two things. Sadly it is not as easy to ban people for bots and scripting as many might assume. Game staff bans as much as they possibly can, and they do not want to have cheaters running around. There is however the problem that we cannot really have real cheat accusations running rampant on the boards. This is about defamation - and as we cannot prove that the person you accuse of being a cheater is one, we have to do something. I agree that there should be more possible when it comes to banning cheaters, but game staff does never willingly let players off the hook who might cheat.

    Don't think game staff doesn't know that there are players who somehow get away.

    It is ok to generally complain that apparently there are too many cheaters getting away, you won't find anyone on staff who disagrees there. It is different though when you name apparent cheaters.

    I disagree, as one of the "silent ones", some developer has a brain fart, and something new is implemented ingame, we as players have two choices, adapt or quit, just because we choose to adapt and continue playing shouldn't be considered being "received warmly", at some point we will all reached a point were we choose not to adapt anymore and quit.

    The silent ones are those who pay loads and apprently it is enough so GF thinks it is ok what they are doing for a majority. No doubt many are not happy, but Gf sees numbers. And in the past there were situations which baffled us all - e.g. when officers were introduced. there was such outrage, so many complaints and a really unpleasant time for all - but many of those who complained loudest then bought the offered ingame stuff. The numbers were really good despite the complaints. As I said though, I certainly agree that there should be a different approach to user's issues, though not all can be dealt with as players would like.

    So I find it funny, Mods will always say to go to PM first with any complaints and to not air them publicly and if you cant get results to then escalate the problem to their superior and if you do not do this they will warn you on the forum for "team bashing". Well I have recently tried this only to get ignored by Andvari300 when asking for his supervisor. He claims to take this seriously but just leaves the conversation with no response. Cassandra Vandales . If he is doing his job well and I am out of line then why not just direct me to whom I seek? This is the transparency many complain about. Luckily Raven stepped up in a recent post so I messaged her and we will see how this goes, I recommend those that have similar complaints from this thread to do the same.

    Yep. When it is about single staff members it would be kind of unfair to let that happen. No boss would ever allow to have staff slandered in public. There are several reasons for this - for one, the person adressed is more likely not to listen, second: many people chime in and a thread quickly gets even more unpleasant, and third: even when a staff person is/was wrong, and other staff does agree, would you want have people turning their back onm you in public? If the respective Smod does not respond it is up to Rav3n to have a look there.

    Having said this, as you know Rav3n is now well aware of all situations. He write a very good post in the Goodbye section, and he will deal with everything. Have mercy though as he is the only BA right now.

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  • In our titles it says what sections we moderate. Org is clearly Rav3n. We even have a team link with positions and communities each team member is apart of.

    Link: Team

    Since I was being bombarded with a lot of PMs and some were quite clear how to reach a person. I shut down and enjoyed the rest of my evening after dealing with all this other stuff all day yesterday.

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  • I am not picking sides, but I just wanted to share a situation I/we had with a mod in Uni-30......We were all ingame adversaries for many years, so there was always some good back and forth jabs, which TBH were pretty funny. Anyway, the mod would close out the threads way quick. Mod was very consistent, not picking a side. On a whim, I pm'd mod(I think it was snowman or snowball????) I asked nicely if they could "give us a little room" to have some fun. To my surprise, he responded with some questions, as he thought we were "fighting", I explained that I could only speak for myself and most of my ally mates, but we were laughing on whatsapp, and stuff about it. He/She though about and agreed to give it a trial run, no staff bashing...... and man those were the best board times I had seen in a while. Trial expired and we enjoyed months of entertaining posts. Admittedly, cheating wasn't so rampant back then so not so sure how that would work now. But I know that when he/she stepped down, I thanked him/her for the great board times. Mod said, that he had to grit his teeth sometimes, but commented that we kept things in check far better then he thought. And that he never saw our side of it. Also mod was very happy to receive some positive feedback and gratitude from player base when he left mod duties.

    Just hope we can find middle ground here. Boards used to be so much fun, was daily entertainment. Now not so much.

    To be fair, the trigger that caused this blow up needs to be consistently dealt with and explained to the members. Please.



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