Top 03 - [TOT: 524.598.082.000] Fantast1c [Ususpect] & john wick [Ususpect] vs. Radar [RIO] (A: 231.389.633.000, D: 293.208.449.000)

  • Wow what a mess of a smash but I always like seeing the gonzo vs Rio saga and this is no exception! Good hit and hopefully some profit there for the attackers, I'm sure either way it was worth it.

    Radar I've followed your hits since electra and you are a stand up and skilled fleeter I'm sure the recovery will be swift.

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  • massive hit, also nice timing due to a fact that recover through expo is hardly possible now. Well done.

    Radar you are great sport, and that is what ogame needs more than big hit numbers. Tons of fleet to play with left too, if you have a will try to FR, otherwise gl in rl.

  • Nice smash. Shame about the profits though.

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  • guess thousands and thousands of dollers here can get you any fleet think fantastic spent 10 gs by now lol.. or more

    yeah thousands of thousands of dollars can get you lots of stuff, you said it better yourself :lol:, by the way keep your talk on topic dont derail a perfectly nice thread

    on a sidenote, nice attitude radar had, is a good sportsmanship that matters in a game

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  • Been a while... Didn't see the full title of this thread and thought gonzo was ninja'd... But I guess it was just an epic draw and doing some damage to RIO.

    Good job on it Unsuspect boys. FR Radar, will be no problem for you.

    And... So....... like... Can this Universe get merged to Cygnus any time soon? I think things are now balanced enough to do so. How about it? No?