New server suggestion with a few interesting (I think at least) ideas.

  • Hello everyone. :)

    First of all I would like to say that my favorite server is Xanthus, because it is a high speed universe with no ACS, so attacks can be either sent or retreated or not sent. The option to delay the attack with ACS probe to counter ninja'ing from the defender is basically a guaranteed way to never lose when you attack, and I'm glad that it is not present on Xanthus, since ninja'ing as a defender like that is one of the only ways to fight back against a much higher ranked player that wants to bully you.

    I also like the fact that there is a deuterium consumption reduction for the travelling fleets, because this also makes the game be faster, not being blocked because of huge deuterium costs to move around which causes players (players which make mistakes, but still, that's most players) to just go nonstop into vacation mode and the server becoming dead because of it.

    A thing I dislike, is that research speed is very slow, the research just takes forever and delays the game so much because of the duration of the researching, it would be nice to just get it going faster, for the game to be faster, and for higher heights to be possible to be reached.

    However, the Xanthus server is quite old so it's becoming inactive, few players are online and that's mostly just the untouchable top players in the universe.

    Another thing I noticed, this time regarding discussions on the forums, was that people have a strong belief that discoverer class is still overpowered. First of all, I admit that I may be biased because I am a discoverer, however I believe these people have not faced a general class with +2 weapons/shield/armor in the very late game in a battle. You are having a nice time climbing rapidly as a discoverer indeed yes, however when the general attacks you, good luck against that high amount of firepower/shield/armor, and his very very very many reapers which you can only gather up in a very very long time with expeditions and he can just build them as many as he pleases. You rise quickly and then ultimately the general class reaps the benefits by destroying your moons and then your fleet.

    But anyway, Gameforge, even if I may be biased towards the discoverer class and I may be overestimating the general class, instead of nerfing the life out of discoverers after you've created an interesting alternative gameplay style to the fleeting/mining, because there was just fleeting and mining before, now it's 3 things so it's a more complex game, instead of nerfing it until it's gone forever, I propose the creation of a server that amplifies the benefits of being a fleeter/miner so as to counteract this community perceived "overpowered" discoverer playstyle.

    Another thing about me which is related to why I'm suggesting the things below, is that I play a lot of high speed games like starcraft 2 and so on, so even though Xanthus is a fast universe compared to most of the other universes and I like it very much, the gameplay there still feels very slow to me.

    To get to my point, I thought about a server that is even faster fleet-speed-wise than Xanthus, but not by much, because then it would be kind of ridiculous if attacks can be carried out in the same system in less than 1 minute and stuff like that. Something like x8 fleet speed would be amazing coupled with an economy speed setting something like x10 in order for the miners to have a good time as well since fleeters have a nice time too with the high fleet speed.

    A higher research speed would also be amazing, since every single player in the game wants to have a lot of research, so this would be a good change for everyone, in order for greater heights to actually be possible to be reached, since right now, research in the very lategame takes so long that it basically just softlocks you and you can no longer make any progress.

    Another idea I had, was to maybe have on this new server, some special Deathstar ship setting as well, to make the server even more interesting for people to gather up on it, and to make the Deathstars just a little bit faster as well, to increase their speed but not by a very high value, for example some 50% speed increase, to have the option to maybe actually viably use them in attacks without people just having plenty of time to see them and then just running away.

    So, to summarize and organize my new server idea in a more easily readable way, example of server stats below, and opened to discussion and suggestions from everyone since I'm curious about what everyone else thinks about it:


    8x Fleet

    10x Economy

    50x Researchspeed

    50% DF

    +30 fields

    7 galaxies

    50% deuterium consumption

    No ACS

    Special setting: Deathstar speed +50%

    25,000 Validation-DM

    What does Gameforge and what do you guys think about it ? :)

    Have a good day everyone and thanks for reading ! :)

  • Seems kind of a crazy server. i'v always been against servers that have no ACS, because that just leaves the universe to be dominated by a few players, and with the 50% Rip extra speed, that would just be an open invitation to bully others for scraps. The x8 fleet speed is insane, if you have someone in the same system, when your fleet lands and you want to send your cargoes to your other planets to gather your ress, that would be enough time to get him. literally not having enough time to take a piss cause you get crashed. It is a good idea for something like a event server, like they used to do during the summer, maybe even with higher speeds than that. Because honestly, i don't see a lot of people being able to play on such a super fast server, you would have problems with your fleet saving times, until you got a rip at least. the x50 research speed seems okay. Though even that isn't enough since after 1 more level you push your research from 4 weeks to 2.5 months.

  • Special setting: Deathstar speed +50%

    Would join if only on total fly time and not on base speed, base speed would be like 1min saved on 1h+

    Aswell would be nice to have an addional dummy ship with 1 base speed for players having less time to make correct (longer) fs without having to watch each 2h about their fleets returning

  • Even though it is nicely thought through, that server won't happen. Here are the possible settings:

    • Fleetspeed: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6
    • Economyspeed: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8
    • Galaxies: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (9= Standard)
    • Debris Field: 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% (Standard 30%)
    • Defence into Debris: 0, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% (Standard 0)
    • Deuterium Consumation: 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1 (Standard 1)
    • Planet fields: +10, +25 oder +30 Felder can be set (Standard 0)
    • Research speed: x2, x4, x6, x8, x10, x12, x14, x16 (Multiplication of Economy speed) (Standard 1)

    1: Economyspeed must be higher or equal to fleetspeed.

    2: Galaxies can be linear or donuts. The standard is donut.

    3: Systems can be linear or donuts. The standard is donut.

    4: Research speed must be a multiplicator of the economy speed. Example: Exo is x4 -> research can be x8 or x12 or x16


    No ACS is possible - the ACS is always active, but can be deactivated.

    OGame isn't really meant to be superfast.

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  • your missing something .. probe cargo on/off


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