[TOT: 4.478.813.000] Big Boss [ASSASSIN] vs. wolfgang [GOTG] (A: 504.934.000, D: 3.973.879.000)

  • Some people here don't understand the fact that ASSASSIN dominate every universe they play. When we tell you your time will come, it means your time will come. It might not happen in a month or two, but eventually, in a few years time, there will be no one left in this universe. Only ASSASSIN and their deut suppliers will stay, the rest are just visitors who sooner or later will be eradicated. I have seen this happen before, and it will happen again.. it's just a matter of time. Enjoy your stay it while it lasts.

    Thank Ogame for giving you the "space dock" you would have been long gone without it.

    I will give credit where it is deserved, assassin are a very strong alliance who have made some very nice hits, but to say they will be the only ones here? That's just absurd. Have seen assassin names on both sides of hits, so enough said on that I think

    Nice hit BigBoss, very nice profits there

    High ranked miner, been playing way too long.
    Also have a Youtube channel with the same name (MCW UK), and I buy deut at 2.4/1.4/1