Irishflash memorial

  • To be honest I still can't wrap my head around this.

    I met Flash in Metin2.Us alongside Daaq, Sochin, and Kitty around 7 years ago. I never knew that I'd one day have a second family, my online family which Flash was a huge part of. They all helped younger me build her confidence up, and Flash always had that father/big brother vibe to him and was always amazing and supportive.

    My head is being flooded while writing this with memories of the countless chats, laughs, and fun times we all had together on TeamSpeak throughout the years and how Flash was always a main part of it all.

    Flash was always the strongest one between us. He fought well and we expected nothing less from him. Forever an inspiration.

    My condolences go to both his families; IRL family and our online family.

    Rest in peace Flash. We will all keep you in our prayers and thoughts.

  • It's been 12 month's since you left us Flash...each day is like yesterday to me....never thought it would be this hard without you...nothing is the is not the heart is left this last song for me ,knowing how much I would be hurting....just putting it here as you wished, to remind me you are still here....

  • Happy Birthday Flash......every year you hated the fuss, the presents and didn't want to hear them words "Happy Birthday"

    But as always I said them and you would pretend it was just another day....and it is just another day....another day without you....miss you terribly....

  • It's 2 years since you left Flash....17th October 1920....Everyday without you... still hurts like crazy....Just to hear your voice one more time and tell you all the things that have happened , would be my greatest wish...You are with me everyday in my heart I know this....the conversations we had are still in my mind and your words of love and wisdom will always be with me and comfort you said... "Nothing can tear us apart".... For the Power Of Love binds the heart