• GUYS anyone interested for dorado server to have a probe storage on? if yes at least support this thread so the moderators can consider since pasiphae is the only server left with probe storage on and it will be gone after the merger.

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  • Unfortunately this will not be possible.

    Whichever universe you chose to merge to will have those current specifications.

    After the merge is complete server settings may not change for a while but it's possible with enough traction polls may be set up in the future.

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  • I totally agree. This is a young universe, I started here for the DiDF and probe storage. Now in like 6 months since it started we lose this, that really is not on Gameforge. I have spent money on this universe as I wanted to stay here with these settings as it suited my play style. This is false advertising, whats the point in says "New Universe Opening - its has yada yada" only to change that all in 6 months. Its like watching a trailer for an action film only to get to the cinema and fine its a rom/com - yuk!

    Looking at the Top Tens - Fenrir and Bellatrix are out, how the hell can we compete there, so they are out.

    So we are left with Dorado as our only option:


    Features: 1x Fleet / 6x Economy / 6x Researchspeed, 60% DF, 50% DiDF, 6 galaxies, +30 fields, 50% deuterium consumption + Probe Storage ON


    Features: 1x Fleet / 1x Economy / 1x Researchspeed, 9 galaxies, +25 fields

    We are losing so many benefits from what we were sold, I can deal with 60% DF, 50% DiDF & 50% deuterium consumption, but losing 6x Economy / 6x Researchspeed and Probe Storage is really not fair.

    Why cant Gameforge meet us all half way. Dorado is a miner universe, so why not up the Economy and Research speed, and having Probe Storage for raiding inactives wouldn't hurt!

    Lets be fair about this, I dont want to claim my money back from false advertising.

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  • well done disney you have explained it better than i did :) so i allow me to repost this to other threads.. you explained my thoughts very well which i failed to explain :)

    “Accept that because we were born with nothing, we can become anything!” – Sora

  • I hope they won't change settings for Sombrero in the future. It includes NO ACS, 1x fleet and linear galaxies. I would only agree to increase economy & research speed. Otherwise I would feel scammed. Btw fix constant logouts

  • I join the request to keep the storage of probes ON. It is one of the reasons why I joined the universe, I agree with Disney.

    You are taking away one of the most interesting features of the uni.

    Reconsider modifying the destination universe with similar characteristics or open a new one at least, with similar characteristics, I am not worried about losing so much the speed of researchs, the consumption of deuterium (that maybe some players are affected by that XD) or even that of economy, we can achieve that, but the storage of probes is a fundamental feature.