Players Helping Players - Get Involved

  • Hi Rosalind:fatgreengrin:

    I have seen the same idea in other universes and been meaning to get this going here for a while, but with me taking breaks and getting caught up in RL etc its been pushed back

    Please post up offers for new players to come and join our universe

    I am offering:

    0-100k points - Resource care package

    100-400k points: Donation of astrophysics resources up to level 11 & I will buy metal or deut at 3/2/1 and crys at 2/1/1

    500k points: Free first moon

    1m points: I will grant you either 3 moons (you can keep the df) or res for your next astro level.

    Please pm me ingame "TeH Gh0sT" if you are interested in the above.

    Would be great to see others here get involved :)

  • Great idea! I was helped in another Uni, then started helping when I was able to.

    I'm down to help where I can, will depend what I'm working on at the time, but ping me in game (drop the 64) . I will also help give moon shots to new players @500k point, you keep df.