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  • I currently have two paid DM accounts in the Japanese community.

    One is in Mizer, the other is in Nekkar. Both are being merged into Andromeda.

    Since I'm NOT allowed to have two accounts on one server, is there an option to move one of the accounts to a different country's server since Leo is not an option?

    When the Mexico merger happened, I had the option to move to another Mexico server or a Spain server. I chose a Spain server to see how the game play there is.

    With mergers there should at least be a choice of two or more servers in the event a player is on multiple servers in the same country.

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  • Sadly it is not possible. Smaller communities have the problem that there aren't that many possibilities...

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  • The release of the merge item (whenever that is) will enable you to move across communities. I hope that helps.

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  • With the merger now completed I have 2 accounts in Andromeda.

    Since I know this is against TOS, what should I do?

    Do I leave one in vacation mode till I can move it or do I have to delete it?

    The one I will be still using has my username on it. The other, the username has been changed.

    Or is there an option to pass it to another player?

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  • Some good questions, Sempi and I'm pleased to say they were answered in the FAQ of the previous merges:


    I have no choice and will end up with a multi, will I get banned?

    We are aware of the lack of options at the moment. This is why from the moment the merge process finishes until we have the account trade function in the Lobby, those who have a force-merged multi account in a server will not be banned by multi by default. We will only apply the multi account ban if there is any kind of interaction within these 2 accounts no matter if the action is aggressive or friendly. New multies created on purpose before and after the merge as well as multies interacting within each other under these special circumstances will receive a permanent ban. Obtaining an unfair benefit from a multi (for example trading resources with a third party) will also be considered illegal.

    What is my best choice to avoid an illegal action when having a multi?

    Set up one of the accounts into vacation mode until you can find a new owner for it.

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  • I got two accounts stuck in uni300 inactive uni. now how do you get them back into another uni . I see the transfer option but nothing works on it. Thx

    Hi Apocalypse,

    Raise a support ticket stating the following:

    - Account you wish to be moved

    - Which uni you wish it to be moved to

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