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  • Hello, player from .si Kassiopeia server here :)

    It is small server but still some players are active there. I mentioned to my ally that server settings can be changed and we all agree that higher eco speed would be wonderful. Since now is 5x eco speed, it would be great if it will be increased on x8 eco. (also on .si servers the higest eco speed is x6, so there is no fastest eco speed possible on .si servers)

    I saw a thread on .fi forum, where the server is small and active like ours and they got faster eco speed.

    link: (eco setting changes)

    I can also ask my ally and other players to write here their wishes.

    Settings now:

    eco speed x5
    research speed x10

    Settings we want:

    eco speed x8
    research speed x16 (I belive it should be like that since research speed is tied to eco speed)

    Argus i think you are the right person to tag in this (if not, please tell me who can I ask about changing eco speed)

    Best regards,

    Raa from :)

  • Hello,

    as a player from the same server, I agree with the proposed change. I think it is a great idea, since this is the youngest server on .si and because of that the most inviting for new players. With this change it would be also easier for them to position themselves.

    I have nothing else to add.


    Luka Nebohodec

  • looks like nobody response for our community...

    struna you are Game admin for our community, we spoke once and you did not want to pass information for us, thinking we are too small. As I mentioned in my first post here, on .fi where is server big like ours, they got accepted.

    So players from this uni already wrote, they want a change. Can you please pass this information to someone who can help us? If Finland community did it, we can do too :)


  • Hello!

    Merges are happening in OGame communities and will most likely have its turn of that too. We'll see if we should do a settings change before that. Normally this is done by in-game polls where players can vote on what settings they wish for. If we shouldn't do it before the merge, it will be done after.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for answer. Do you have any info about when merges will happen here on .si? Also I know it need to be created pool, but I belive, players will vote for higest eco :)


  • No, unfortunately I don't have information about that. At the rate it's progressing in other OGame communities, I would estimate either December or maybe beginning of next year. Though keep in mind this is just my estimation and not a specific schedule. ;) It is possible that things get delayed as the game gets updates along the way.

  • Hi, it's been 2 months since last post here, so since there is no any info about merge. Is it possible to change eco speed to x8. It just can be changed no matter if there will be merge which nobody have any info about :)  Lorovus

    Best regards, Raa

  • As far as I can tell, merge is still planned, we just don't know how soon it will happen. ;) At this point I can't tell if a round of polls can be safely scheduled before a merge.