Increase Crystal Production per level in slots 1-3

  • "But wait Joker! Don't slots 1-3 already get crystal bonuses?"

    Yes, but what I'm suggesting is different. Crystal mines are the only mines that increase in cost by 1.6x per level instead of 1.5x. This means in late game, upgrading crystal mines gets prohibitively expensive, as the increased production is not justified by the cost of the mine, resulting in mines that are 5-6 levels lower than metal mines, and 3-4 levels lower than deut mines.

    In order to make slots 1-3 more appealing for miners, GF added a 30%/20%/10% bonus scheme, but this still fails to make the slots competitive, the additional gains still do not justify the cost, and no reasonable miner would take low level slots.

    What it needs to become competitive is a percentage increase per level, to bring it closer to the 1.5/1.1 cost to production ratio per level for metal/deut.

    Instead of the 30%/20%/10% bonuses, I propose slots 1-3 receive bonus production per level of mines in the amounts of 2.5%/2.3%/2%. In these slots, instead of production increasing at 10% per mine level, it would increase at 12.5%/12.3%/12%.

    These per-level bonuses become equivalent to a 30% bonus at levels 10.6/11.5/13.2, and at level 40 mines, are equivalent to 2.685x/2.48x/2.21x current production.

    Note this still is not overpowering crystal mines, they are still less cost effective to build than metal/deut mines. In order to give them the same cost effectiveness, the bonus would have to be increased to 1.1 / 1.5 * 1.6 - 1.1 = 7.3%, but given crystal mines lower base cost, approaching that number would give a stronger advantage to crystal mines.

    Per my calculations, this would make slot 1 competitive in late game with slot 8 and 15 in terms of production, which seems more balanced overall.

  • well im a miner too so i would love to see this happen but there is a bit of flaw with your computation, in slots 1-3 energy is very easy to get meaning it will bring imbalance if a miner will activate 150% production, making deut and metal mines 50% more on this slots at all time so i do not think the moderators will like this idea:) then again i would love to see this happening :)

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  • It's not that hard to get sufficient energy for 150% crawlers on a slot 8 or 15, and if you aren't running at 150% crawlers, you are throwing away a good portion of your production.

    By my calculations for late game mines, 44/39/38 mines cost a bit more than 44/36/41 mines, but generate the same amount of normalized resources with this scheme

  • but how much resources did you use to build those powerplants and research in slot 15? well if your calculations is really good enough i hope the mods will give it a thought :) im all for you with this idea :)

    “Accept that because we were born with nothing, we can become anything!” – Sora

  • Sure.

    I'll note my math was a bit off when I wrote the previous post, as I wasn't properly calculating the cumulative cost, which I am now.


    Slot 15 (Avg Temp = -149), Crawlers+Collector

    Metal Mine 44 - 6.717G/1.679G/0 = 3.079G normalized

    Crystal Mine 36 - 1.784G/892.03kk/0 = 1.041G normalized

    Deut Synth 41 - 7.464G/2.488G/0 = 3.732G normalized

    Fusion Reactor 23 - 836.411kk/334.564kk/167.282kk = 613.368kk normalized

    Energy Tech 22 - 0/3.355G/1.678G across 14 planets = 239.674kk normalized

    Crawlers 968 - 1.936kk/1.936kk/0.968kk = 2.581kk normalized

    Total: 8.707G normalized at 3/2/1

    Production/hr: 1,154,725/283,285/475,120 = 1,001,671 normalized at 3/2/1


    Slot 1, (Avg Temp = 140), Crawlers+Collector

    Metal Mine 44 - 6.717G/1.679G/0 = 3.079G normalized

    Crystal Mine 39 - 7.308G/3.654G/0 = 4.263G normalized

    Deut Synth 38 - 2.211G/737.155kk/0 = 1.106G normalized

    Solar Sats 3099 - 0/6.198kk/1.55kk = 4.649kk normalized

    Crawlers 968 - 1.936kk/1.936kk/0.968kk = 2.581kk normalized

    Total: 8.454G normalized at 3/2/1

    Production/hr: 1,154,725/981,035/139,420 = 1,014,846 normalized at 3/2/1


    You actually were right that it was slightly overpowered when taking into account the cost of the fusion reactor + energy tech included.

    Tweaking the numbers down slightly to 2%/1.8%/1.5% per slot drops crystal production to 824,610, and normalized production to 936,633, which seems acceptable. Cost Ratio slot 15 to slot 1 is 1.02987, but Production Ratio is 1.06944, so it is still less valuable than the deut mine. Dropping it even further to 1.5%/1.25%/1% would definitely resolve any concerns.

  • so if solar sats are used in slot one it will be easier and cheaper correct? if according to your suggested increase for crystal mine at slot 1.

    “Accept that because we were born with nothing, we can become anything!” – Sora